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Puzzle ID:#13673
Fun:*** (2.83)
Difficulty:*** (2.51)
Submitted By:qwertyqwerty*




Peter had a big crush on a Hispanic girl named Limon. Peter had seen Limon while at school. Peter had followed Limon to her house to talk to her about how he felt about her. When Peter arrived at Limon's house her father had answered the door.
"Yes?" said her father.
"I would like to talk to your daughter Limon," answered Peter.
He led Peter to the living room and asked him a question.
"To prove you really know my daughter, tell me how old she is," said the father.
Peter had no idea.
"It's just as I expected. Fine, if you really like my daughter, I will give you a clue." He got out some paper and wrote:


Peter had no clue for the next three minutes. He soon gave up and just guessed 15, his own age. Limon's dad laughed and escorted Peter out of the house without a word. He obviously didn't get the age correct.

How old was Limon?

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Aug 03, 2003

Good 1. I never would have thought of that!
Aug 19, 2003

I knew that you did something to the letters, but I didn't think you turn it up-side-down. This is the best!
Aug 21, 2003

Very CLever
Jul 26, 2004

Does her name change as she gets older? When she turns 18, her name would have to be BIMON.
Sep 30, 2006

yay! i got it!

very nice!
Mar 14, 2007

tricky, tricky tricky!
Aug 05, 2013

OIMON = 10
IIMON = 11
ZIMON = 12
EIMON = 13
hIMON = 14
SIMON = 15
qIMON = 16
LIMON = 17
BIMON = 18
bIMON = 19
OZMON = 20
IZMON = 21
ZZMON = 22

etc., you get the idea =)

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