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Record Breaking Time

Trivia brain teasers have some element of trivia in them, but they are not just pure trivia questions.


Puzzle ID:#14823
Fun:*** (2.6)
Difficulty:** (1.18)
Submitted By:adoontourious*****




What is the fastest time that a person could run through four U.S. states?

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Sep 30, 2003

The phrase should not have said running through a state, maybe you could have phrased that differently.
Oct 11, 2003

There's nothing wrong with the wording. Good teaser
Oct 11, 2003

I myself have done a pushup in four corners. GOOD TEASER
Oct 14, 2003

i got it, but still a good one
Oct 19, 2003

Good teaser... but very easy... try a more challenging one next time
Oct 19, 2003

good idea, but perhaps you could have said 3 states to make somebody think a little more...but still a good teaser.
Oct 19, 2003

You call that a "teaser" and rejected mine?
Oct 20, 2003

very good
Oct 26, 2003

Nov 03, 2003

too easy
Jul 21, 2004

I have actually farted in all four states at once
Apr 27, 2005

I guessed a few seconds, so I guess I got it right. But I guess by the judge of others, my dead gerble would have got it too. I guess then if I can get it (being not so bright) I shouldn't be impressed w/ myself
Jun 06, 2005

This was fun!

Jun 24, 2005

Very easy, not a very good teaser either.
Oct 01, 2005

Very very good!
Jan 05, 2006

I need to visit the four corners just to say that I went through four states in less then a minute. How fun!
Oct 19, 2006

I actually got it... I love this one.
Feb 07, 2007

well... somehow I also understood the through that it meant to get from one side to the opposite site, either in length or in height... Spent quite some time studying the map!
Feb 25, 2011

I was going to remark that the answer is more like 2 seconds: if you google "four corners images" you'll see lots of people touching, supposedly, all four states at once. But, in looking for a great image to link to, I found this: ?/weblog/comments/four_corners_error/ which claims that the correct point is more than 2 miles from where the little monument is. You'll have to reassemble the link from the two pieces, Braingle won't let me have a single 'word' longer than 50 characters. (The link also has a picture of a hot girl spanning the monument, so it's worth following just for that, if you enjoy looking at hot girls, that is.)

So the trick would be finding the correct spot, and then you could do it in seconds.

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