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Animal Groups

Trivia brain teasers have some element of trivia in them, but they are not just pure trivia questions.


Puzzle ID:#16808
Fun:*** (3.01)
Difficulty:*** (2.84)
Submitted By:bluetwo****
Corrected By:renae




As you may know, a group of fish is called a "school", a group of lions is called a "pride", and a group of seagulls is called a "flock". Some are a little more unusual. See if you can guess what animals belong to the following groups:



Crash - Rhinoceros
Exaltation - Lark
Mob - Kangaroo
Murder - Crow
Parliament - Owl
Pod - Whale
Sounder - Pig/Hog


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Mar 06, 2004

Fun stuff!
Mar 07, 2004

I love these It is great they decided to accept this kind of teasers this time.
Mar 07, 2004

looks like something happened to "sounder" in the clue (ie, it's not there). oh, well... I guess that can be the bonus answer!
Mar 31, 2004

hmm, i guess nobody caught my little 80's music reference in the first part of the teaser...
Apr 12, 2004

very very tricky but very very good!
Jul 13, 2004

i didn't like this one, because it's one that you either know it, or don't. teasers are supposed to be ones that anybody can try to FIGURE OUT. there is no way you could FIGURE THESE OUT if you didn't already know them.
Jul 13, 2004

I think that that brainteaser was a very educational thing
Jul 13, 2004

I think that that brainteaser was a very educational thing
Jul 23, 2004

Look it up on the Net if you want to "FIGURE IT OUT". I wonder who came up with the names for groups of animals? I think I read a riddle once about a Murder...
Aug 18, 2004

easy except the second
Dec 18, 2004

For a complete listing of these collective nouns, check out
Jan 23, 2005

sounder is listed in my teaser,that got me tho i grew up in a farming comm et have only heard of a herd of swine.
Apr 26, 2005

I was thinking that pod was either Whale or Dolphin...couldn't remember...And I knew murder. Speaking of birds, did anyone know that starlings' poop can peal paint off your car or so I've heard.
Jun 14, 2005

Easy because we just did this random thing in school where we got 4 pages of what a group of different types of animals were called. I guess paying attention pays off.
Oct 01, 2005

I had no idea but this is very interesting trivia. Good job, you got me.
Oct 06, 2005

WELL, you learn something new everyday, thank you for the info, good one,but got me
Oct 06, 2005

very interesting, even though the only 1 i got was pod. this is a good trivia ?, don't ya think?! well, it was good, it got me...
Oct 06, 2005

You forgot about the herd of llamas. Cmon. I can't believe you.
Oct 06, 2005

It was too easy, well except for the 2nd and the 4th, but it was really good
Oct 06, 2005

Heh heh heh, as soon as I saw "mob" I was misdirected (for only a brief moment, mind you) and thought of 'gangsters'! LOL!!
Very very enjoyable one this morning... now I have learned to get coffee *first* before trying these!!
Oct 06, 2005

this one is really cool (*)
Oct 06, 2005

Knew a few but not all I love a Crash of Rhinos very appropriate.
Oct 06, 2005

Interesting, very interesting. Like I always say - you learn something new every day. Thanks for teaching ME. It was great to get a web address for more collective nouns, too.
Oct 06, 2005

Oops, swordflame, I used copy-paste, and the address didn't work. So sad.
Oct 06, 2005

A Crash of kids attended an Exaltation of church goers. An unruly Mob met them after service with a want to Murder the wig wearing members of Parliament. Like two peas in a Pod, Beth and Mike were playing hooky and had gone fishing in Puget Sounder Washington. Who needs Education, religion or politics when they have each other?
Oct 06, 2005

HARD HARD I must be on the slow bus because I could not figure this on out
Oct 06, 2005

Very educational....I only knew pod. I guess I could have looked them all up, but I found it much easier to just click on the answer...LOL
Oct 06, 2005

i didn't know ANY of them......i thought i was smart.....

Oct 06, 2005

I can't believe I only got pod and I thought I was an animal enthusiest
Oct 06, 2005

The comment either you know it or you don't was right.The answers were interesting,and informative.
Oct 06, 2005

kcelf27: Yeah that's people feed them rice so they'll explode or is that pigeons...
Oct 06, 2005

Here are some more since we're at it...

locusts plague
crocodiles float
ants army
bacteria culture
coyote band
elks gang
flies swarm
ferrets business
eagles convocation
gnus implausibility
gorillas band
greyhounds leash
housecats nuisance
jays party
lizards lounge
rattlesnakes rhumba
sharks shiver
tigers ambush
toads knot
trout hover
turtles bale
vipers generation

Oct 06, 2005

Oct 06, 2005

Very fun. I suppose the collective nouns have a descriptive meaning to them. Very educational!
Oct 06, 2005

pretty good. i knew crash, murder, and parliment. although, i don't think this should be in the teaser catigory, it's not a teaser; you can't figure it out... it's cool buy should be in a diferent catigory. at least thats my two cents...
Oct 06, 2005

For teasers of this sort, Braingle has developed the Trivia category. That means this IS the right place for it, since it doesn't imply common knowledge but, a bit of research. You will find that is a great helper when it regards trivia teasers.
Oct 06, 2005

took a little research but I got it. great teaser (thank God for google)
Oct 06, 2005

Flock of Seagulls!! yay!!!
Oct 06, 2005

I only got POD Amazing how you learn something every day. A favorite for me. THANKS.
Oct 06, 2005

hmm very tricky.. but i think that you shouldnt ever put those on there again.. because they are supposed to be somthing that NO ONE KNOWS... and it was challanging i give ya that...
Oct 06, 2005

I knew pod but no others. Didn't look them up because I don't think that's the purpose of 'teasers'. And sad to say, I'm sure I won't remember the rest after knowing the answers. I guess I need to save my diminishing memory cells for more pertinent things.
Oct 06, 2005

Pretty cool. I didn't know any of them.
Oct 06, 2005

A murder of ravens. That just sounds scary!
Oct 06, 2005

awesome teaser!!!
Oct 06, 2005

I got a few(very few) nice tease. Learned something today.
Oct 07, 2005

I was stumped, but I liked it.
Oct 09, 2005

Here's something interesting I learned from this teaser. There are different group names for animals depending on what 'condition' they are in; for example: you'd have a 'gaggle' of geese while they are on the ground, but a 'skein' of geese while flying, and a 'wedge' of geese while flying in formation!
Pretty neato stuff! This teaser lead to more learning than I was prepared for!!
Oct 09, 2005

Neato! I like this! Educational and fun! Keep up the good work- I love this! I got pod, but that was it!
Oct 10, 2005

That was interesting!
Oct 12, 2005

now i know!thank u so much!
Oct 06, 2008

I'd like to meet the guy who thought those up. Murder of crows? Moron.
Oct 06, 2008

I did not know one single one of those! Thanks for the enlightenment!
Oct 06, 2008

Because I read a lot, The answers came easy.
Oct 06, 2008

Really fun teaser. I didn't know most of them. Thanks for the education and thanks for posting.
Oct 06, 2008

I said pod of dolphins, got 2 more, loved this teaser!!!!
Oct 06, 2008

that was HARD! the only one i know was a murder of crows and that is just cuz i learned it while reading lemony snicket...i've learned alot of usless info from those books!
Oct 06, 2008

This was great! I just looked these names up a few months ago (too much time on my hands) Too bad I only remembered 3. Who knew they'd turn up on a teaser?
Oct 06, 2008

Only knew crows and whales.
Oct 06, 2008

That was FUN and INFORMATIVE. I had heard of most of them, but only remembered a couple. Thanks!
Oct 06, 2008

Oct 06, 2008

I found this one a little too hard for me, I did know 4 or 5 , but the rest were not in my memory banks.
Oct 06, 2008

I didn't know any of them. Good teaser and very interesting.
Oct 06, 2008

This link ( htmldb/collectivenouns.htm) is dead!
Oct 06, 2008

Thanks neomajic. This teaser was very educational.
Oct 06, 2008

cool, I learned something new today! Great teaser!!
Oct 07, 2008

how about a corp of corpses?
Nov 16, 2008

very educational!
i knew a murder of crows and i saw mob earlier in another teaser.
Oct 07, 2011

Really interesting! I knew a pod of whales and a parliament of owls, and vaguely remembered a murder of crows, but the others are news to me! Great teaser.
Oct 07, 2011

Fun, I got most of them, but as stated in one of the older comments you either know this or you don't. Perhaps listing the groups of animals would have given people a fighting chance if they didn't already know them.
The suggestion to look them up, I too don't think is the point of the site.
Oct 07, 2011

My favorite animal group today is the team of Tigers! We Detroiters are so proud of them! Sorry to take up space in teaser comments for my personal news - but we're excited! Hi and have a great weekend, DH and AS!
Oct 07, 2011

The FELIDAE family done a job on those hated Yankees. . And as always a to my ladies.
Oct 07, 2011

Trivia brain teasers have some element of trivia in them, but they are not just pure trivia questions
This is the statement at the top. Can anybody tell me what part of this in not pure trivia????
This is not what I would consider a "Teaser" you either know the answer or you don't.
Oct 07, 2011

The newspapers will be more than glad to shout about Mobs in Australia when they're talking about kangaroos.
Oct 07, 2011

I knew a murder of crows and a pod of whales--and that's it!!
Oct 07, 2011

I still only know 4 or 5 of these. Most are pretty obscure.
Have a great week-end to G and K.
Oct 07, 2011

There are multiple answers for mob and pod on many sources. Agree that this is really more in the line of trivia - you either know/remember the random lore or you do not. Since it tends to be more lore than factual knowledge, there no "figuring out" of these types of questions.

R.U.T. - random (mostly) useless trivia should be re-categorized.
Oct 07, 2014

I agree with the ones who say this belongs in the trivia category. A teaser it is not! It is good to learn something, but this one is not something you can figure out or solve like a teaser is meant to do. Sorry!
Oct 07, 2014

I won't critique the teaser, I won't make excuses for my pitiful score, I will just admit that I only knew one answer. Pod of whales.
Oct 07, 2014

I agree with everyone who said this belongs in the trivia section. While it gives one some information, it is not information of any real value. But probably fun for some.

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