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Shilly Mystery

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#17524
Fun:*** (2.93)
Difficulty:** (1.23)
Submitted By:willymapo*cr****
Corrected By:scallio




Inspector Will attended the call from Mr. Andrews, and entered the closed display room of the magnificent Andrews' house. With a quick sweep of his eyes, Inspector Will noted that the room was round (no corners), to the left there was a waiter, next to him a little beverage table with 5 glasses filled with chopped ice and some bottles, to the center there was a little table with a small open chest (obviously something was missing), to the right there was Mrs. Rovinsky in front of a Renoir, then there was Mr. Romano in front of a Picasso, and then Mr. Lafi, in front of a Rembrandt. Beside Mr. Lafi was Mr. Andrews. No more furniture nor appliances than those were in the room. Mr. Andrews explained:
-Inspector Will, I invited my guests to show them my treasures. First, I showed them the beautiful collection of diamonds that were in the chest and are now missing. And then each one of us went to admire my paintings.
-My guests are standing right where they were at the time I discovered the disappearance.
-As you can see, we all have our backs to the diamonds' table to see the pictures. And everyone was admiring the works so attentively, that no one paid attention to the others. Then I turned back and the diamonds were gone.
Inspector Will asked about the attendant.
-I called him for some refreshment. He was serving the glasses, we all heard him chopping the ice.
-I personally searched him. He doesn't have the diamonds.
-I cannot search my guests. Nobody has left the room. And there's no place to hide the stones!
Inspector Will calmed down the poor Mr. Andrews and then solved the crime easily, because the diamonds were in plain view.
Where were they, and who was the thief?

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May 01, 2004

good one!
May 02, 2004

Wouldn't it be nice to have that kind of "Ice" in your drink?

Fun teaser!
May 02, 2004

I am glad you are back Wily Willy. btw I like this kind of teasers
May 03, 2004

As you may guess, this is also my favorite kind of teaser!
Too much work, traveling and a marriage took me out several months, but I'm back .
May 03, 2004

I hope youve got more of these on the way good stuff
May 29, 2004

Great teaser! I enjoy these mystery-type ones... very tidy!
Jun 04, 2004

I like these kind but this was a little obvious. You need distractors, I knew it had somethig to do with the ice from the begining.
Jun 15, 2005

the hint was kind of weird - mr andrews asked for the drinks, not the attendant...
i thought it was mr andrews, 'coz he was the only one who could have arranged for there to be ice there to start with (so that he would have somewhere to hide the diamonds) anyone else would just have struck it lucky to find that ice was there
Sep 20, 2005

Good teaser. I got it (once I read the hint...hee hee hee)...
Sep 28, 2005

I'm the tenth commenter! So I saw it's awesome!
Nov 14, 2005

Nice descriptions!! loved it, got it!
Dec 20, 2005

I thought that the ice had something to do with it.

Great teaser by the way. keep them coming
Mar 04, 2006

Very easy, so therefore, I liked it! I like it when I can answer them correctly...Anyways, it was a very good teaser; very well written. Keep 'em comeing!
May 31, 2006

Easy peezy lemon squeezy! Not in a bad way though. Great work
Jul 07, 2006

Got it! This is fun!
Jan 30, 2008

Jan 30, 2008

I actually meant GREAT TEASER!!! LOL!! NEAT JOB!
Apr 14, 2008

Simple but creative. Good job.
Jun 23, 2008

SourDough gives this 3 thumbs up because this one was too easy!

Nov 30, 2008

Extra good!

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