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Satellite Depression

Rebus brain teasers use words or letters in interesting orientations to represent common phrases.


Puzzle ID:#17738
Fun:*** (2.31)
Difficulty:*** (2.87)
Submitted By:dsquared*nz****




What expression is represented below?

depressed 111111 satellite

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May 26, 2004

Ones = Once? Must be a pronounciation thing
May 26, 2004

No not really... being new to the site, you will soon learn that with rebuses often you need a little (though not too much) lateral thinking ability to draw some of the sounds out in some of the puzzles. "1's" is fairly close to "once" in sound whilst not being an exact match using the remainder of the puzzle you can happily get to the answer. It's ok though you will pick these skills up over time I imagine.
Jul 15, 2004

Good teaser. At first, I could not figure it out. Then, it just hit me.
Jul 15, 2004

Heh heh, thanks cnmne. It's funny sometimes like that with teasers how you are completely stumped then suddenly the solution thumps you right in the forehead. Thanks for stopping by.
Sep 03, 2004

Been away a while and just read your comment. Were you joking or did you mean to come across that condecending and patronizing?
Sep 05, 2004

Merely being honest... about my own teaser solving. At which point was I condescending? I was merely relating to the situation where it can take a while to solve a teaser sometimes. I think you may have taken the comment wrong to be honest.
Mar 20, 2005

Excuse me for horning in on this conversation but I think dsquared and SpursChick are both making valid points. All puzzle-divining (if it's done well) involves a *stretch* of some sort; the same as in creative problem-solving. That *stretch* might be in logic, facts, or language.

Since Braingle is both a *fun* site as well as a *difficulty* site (the two criteria measures) it then becomes a question of reasonable balance between the two. Individual Brainglers will, of course, see that balance differently, as will the editors.

The jump (stretch) from *ones* to *once* is a fairly long one, but works for THIS puzzler. And THAT (as part of the solution) isn't going to be comfortable with everyone.

In fact, the *depressed/blue* connection could be seen as a stretch, also, even though they are in the reference works as synonyms. Synonyms, by definition, are approximations only and not exactly direct swaps for all connotations.

I've had puzzles rejected here where (I thought) the stretch was far less than the *ones/once* leap, but the editors felt it was TOO much for THAT submittal. But the editors are, also, human. Aren't they?

Mar 23, 2005

I'm not sure you can horn in on a conversation 6 months later Unfortunately you are incorrect badbunnee. Not all of us Editors are human. Mad-Ade for example, is a kebab skewer, dumbell is a hostess trolley and I am in fact a small range of hills in the cotswolds.
Mar 23, 2005

Mar 24, 2005

Hiya, Ix

That would depend, would it not, on the length of one's horn (temporally speaking, of course)?

All measurements aside, other than the size of your hills which I have concluded MUST be much larger than you claim; my ix-bubble is beginning to deflate. Gleaned from a few judiciously placed PM inquiries and from reading almost ALL your submittals and associated comments, I was about to conclude Andes- or (at minimum) Cascade-sized proportions due to your mountainous reputation on the board.

Since I am sure that somewhere in the Braingle Bible there is a prohibition or, at least, a thinly-veiled commandment concerning idle comment-borne chit-chat, I'll reserve anything further here to dsq's posting. Oh, and by the bye, for an unshapely wad of amber, I think you do quite well, here ... or, maybe, that's why you do?

Good rebus, dsq. 111111 I had counted the ones (and realized I was on a cold trail) I finally figured it out. But it took me a while. I like that sort of challenge. Well done !! Gave it tops for fun AND difficulty.
Mar 29, 2005

Whilst I understood every single individual word you just said Badbunee, I unfortunately have no idea what they mean in the order you just put them in
Apr 05, 2005

Hey, Ix ...

You're a creative guy (again, according to your rep) ...

Just rearrange them in any order you choose, until you find something you like !!!

Apr 05, 2005

Oh, dagnabbit .......

I forgot ...

"Your humble and devoted servant"

(hey, I'm tryin' .. I'm TRYIN')
May 31, 2005


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