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Two Trains

Situation puzzles (sometimes called lateral thinking puzzles) are ones where you need to ask lots of yes or no questions to figure out what happened in the situation. These are good puzzles for groups where one person knows the puzzle and answers the questions.


Puzzle ID:#186
Fun:*** (2.69)
Difficulty:** (1.41)
Submitted By:trojan5x***
Corrected By:dumbell




Two incredibly high speed trains are charging at a speed of 250 mph, on the same track, starting from opposite directions. They leave at the same exact time and continue at the same exact speed. They never slow down. The two trains never is that possible?

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Feb 01, 2001

The wording is deceptive because it indicates the trains are heading toward each other.
Oct 24, 2001

That is incorrect because since you said "coming from opposite directions" instead of "heading in opposite directions" that means that the trains will hit unless they stop.
May 02, 2002

the two trains are coming from opposite directions.....if they start back to back and leave at the same time then they are GOING in opposite directions not comming comming impies getting closer to each other
May 25, 2005

May 25, 2005

Oct 22, 2005

Nov 09, 2005

I agree with the rest, the wording is confusing. Nice though
Dec 14, 2005

that was like, easy.
Feb 22, 2006

i wasn't too worried about the wording .
my thought was that their stops were just separate .every train has a final destination . maybe one stopped in memephis and the other in nashville . right ! that solves the problem .
Feb 22, 2006

i guess it did say they didn't slow down , sorry !
Apr 08, 2006

i actually got this one i thought it was either your answer or it was a toy train track and they were put on at different times haha

oh well

good one!
May 25, 2006

If they were two very oddly-shaped trains, then they could pass each other without hitting, because they are shaped well enough to fit inside one another. But i wouldn't like to ride on those trains!
May 29, 2006

it doesn't make sense because u make it sound like one is starting from say like the eas and one is starting from the west and that they are heading towards each other.
Aug 01, 2006

But easy. Even I got that one....
I liked it though, nontheless.
Aug 20, 2006

confusing wording.
Aug 20, 2006

It was pretty good... a bit easy.. especially considering I got it... but nice
Oct 04, 2006

U said "They never slow down" but U never said they didn't stop!
Oct 13, 2006

I have heard that one like a million times. Nice try though.
Oct 15, 2006

Dec 05, 2006

keep them coming
Dec 24, 2006

Great! Only, I thought the trains were running on a round track, and since they ran at the same speed, they would never touch!
Dec 25, 2006

Clever! I was thinking they went at the same time on different days! Wording a little messed up but other than that it's great!
Apr 30, 2007

I knew it, very fun, but easy cause I'm a total nerfhead and I stink at riddles... (Compared to my riddle stench, my shoes smell like flowers! and my shoes are pretty dang rancid! )
Feb 04, 2009

where the heck are they going if they never slow down. being funny, sorry. i liked it though
Nov 03, 2009

The real answer said they started back to back. But then they wouldn't have started in opposite directions like the question said!!!
My answer was that they started a distance away from eachother but were heading in the same direction
Hey wait, but then they weren't in opposite directions or were they?
Sep 03, 2011

That was beyond easy

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