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Mystery In Therulerania

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#19169
Fun:*** (2.27)
Difficulty:** (1.37)
Submitted By:TherulerofthemAca******
Corrected By:t4mt




One day, while mining in a cave some people came across a dirty note. Upon examination, they found it was a clue to where to find a treasure chest, full of rubber chickens. The clue said this:

"A treasure of rubber chickens
Not a single rubber hen
In a secret spot near a light
Guides those in cloak of night
Near the shore the light be
Near the light a big shady tree
Under the tree is where the treasure be"

Instantly, Trot knew where the treasure lay, and he would claim it this very day. Where was the treasure hidden?

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Oct 18, 2004

Oct 18, 2004

i don't get it trot, sorry
Oct 21, 2004

What don't you get?
Nov 01, 2004

Nov 01, 2004

Great teaser! I enjoyed this one. But... I gave up on this one way to easily than I do on others. It just comes to show that it's a good riddle!
Nov 08, 2004

What was the point of this? I liked that it was well written, but the obviousness makes me want to throw up. Could you make it any more simpler?
Nov 09, 2004

A good balance of crypticness and mystery. Very well written
Dec 03, 2004

well written that's about all i can say
Dec 06, 2004

I dont get it
Dec 20, 2004

real easy
Dec 24, 2004

Ridiculously easy.
Jan 01, 2005

very easy!the most obvious sentence is "Guides those in cloak of night"
Jan 02, 2005

that was so easy that it was pointless
Jan 03, 2005

well written, but really easy and never says that there is a light house!!!
Jan 05, 2005

i cnt believe its only a light house! grrrrrrrrrrrr i'm tinking everywhere just to now where ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 12, 2005

This was well written. Good job!!!
Jan 24, 2005

Cardshark, maybe you should write teasers of your own, not dupes, I just reported your dupe make a teaser before you dump on other\'s
(user deleted)
Jan 26, 2005

Sure Chosh.....ok......Trot will go through the long process of getting a new teaser submitted that is more challening then this one JUST FOR YOU!

Jesus....Im sorry for being short with you, but the way people say a teaser is easy on this site is unreasonably unfair. I can understand you saying something such as "This teaser was a little to easy for me"

But to be like "THIS WAS THE EASIEST TEASER EVER! MAKE THEM HARDER!" or something like that is just rude in my opinion. But not like what I say matters......

Good was a little challenging for me. But I finally got the answer!
Jan 28, 2005

that was a good one!
Feb 04, 2005

Easy ones are good on occasion. Especially when I have been trying to some in the Math section.
Feb 04, 2005

Sorry for the typo. That should have been "to do......"
Feb 18, 2005

I little bit TOO easy. Maybe try making the clues less obvious.
Mar 08, 2005

That was a very easy teaser, however, I agree with Rabid- easy one's are still good. No reason to jump on people for wasting 10 seconds of your life!
Well written teaser!
Mar 12, 2005

i started thinking

Guides those in the cloak of night?
i just kept thinking
until i had to know the answer
yours were pretty KOOL
Keep em coming
Mar 13, 2005

i think this is easy,fun,but easy.
Apr 14, 2005

do u see the laughter in the middle? i'm kidding trot!!
May 19, 2005

I GOT IT!!!! I GOT IT!!!
May 24, 2005

May 30, 2005

way to show off trot
Jun 01, 2005

i'm sorry, i'm blonde so you'll have to work with me - what on earth do rubber chickens have to do with it?
Jun 01, 2005

*sigh* ok, fine, i've now seen the bit about the treasure being made up of rubber chickens - if i'd seen that in the first place the teaser would have made a lot more sense!
Sep 14, 2005

That was the first one I've ever gotten! Thank You!!!!!!!
Oct 14, 2005

Sometimes i am amazed at the lack of consideration so many Brainglers can show towards a teaser and it's submitter. What puzzles me more is, the same people the critique are also the same that never bother to work and submit something of their own.

Please, for the sake of the site, the teaser, the submitter, the work involved by so many to get these through the system and, last but not least, for the sake of common sense! Do not put someone down for the fact that YOU do not like a teaser, or for the fact that YOU find it easy. Your oppinion is likely to change if you read it again but, the comments remain.

I am sorry for my long comment, Trot, but i can't help but voice my oppinion when i see such rudeness in comments. This is a good one and, very well written. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, keep them coming.
Nov 10, 2005

Just out of curiousity, shouldn't this go in the riddles section?
Mar 04, 2006

Oh yeah...This should go in the riddles section...Hmm. Anyways, good teaser! Very easy, which is nice for those who aren't so good at riddles. Like me. But I got this one which makes me feel good!
Mar 12, 2006

whats the rubber chicken got to do with it
May 03, 2006

The 'Rubber Chickens' are to the FM what Da Vinci Code was the Priory of Sion. Who built these 'lighthouses'? How curious that the chickens would be buried under a tree near a lighthouse. Isn't such a hidden burial spot reserved for only members the highest of order of builders? Easy? Don't kid yourself. Or do kid yourself, it's so much easier and safer. Good Teaser...said with a wink.
May 09, 2006

i didn't get the was pretty cool
May 30, 2006

Jun 20, 2006

Very Very easy. Don't get me wrong though, i did like it.
Aug 15, 2006

well done!! Kind of easy
why would anyone want a chest full of rubber chickens though
May 10, 2007

Nice one!
Sep 11, 2007

Well if it was so easy then I guess I'm a dope today! I thought the light was the moon...
Was sure he would stand under the tree by the shore in the full moon and wait for the moonlight to come through the tree branches to reveal the location!

Great teaser!
Sep 20, 2007

uhh this was a good teaser but u kinda gave us the answer..
"Under the tree is where the treasure be."
ahh well my 16 yr old sister couldnt get it so ur got ur props!

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