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Trick brain teasers appear difficult at first, but they have a trick that makes them really easy.


Puzzle ID:#19280
Fun:*** (2.84)
Difficulty:** (2.04)
Submitted By:UTforever22*
Corrected By:nogoodnames




A man left his house to go to work. When he got home he saw that his house had been broken into. The robbers had taken everything in his house except for 2 one hundred dollar bills that were in plain sight.

Why weren't the one hundred dollar bills taken?

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Oct 29, 2004

man thats cool
Oct 30, 2004

I agree, very clever .
Oct 30, 2004

wait, question, how is this a riddle?
Oct 30, 2004

I don't know, at the time it i thought it was the best place to put it,
Oct 30, 2004

Ah, nice. I was thinking maybe it was Monopoly money lol
Oct 30, 2004

Great teaser! I agree that this really isn't a riddle. Great teaser, yet again!
Oct 31, 2004

for future reference, where should it go?
Nov 01, 2004

I'd say it should be trick.
Nov 04, 2004

I would say trick as well, but what about the answer that the bill were marked and that he could prove they were his
Nov 13, 2004

That was a good one... it was easy but still fun!! keep up the good work!!
Nov 13, 2004

That was a good one... it was easy but still fun!! keep up the good work!!
Nov 13, 2004

i liked it, but i knew the answer directly, i think i heard it before!!!sorry
Nov 16, 2004

cool teaser like the play on bills
Nov 22, 2004

this one is great
Nov 25, 2004

I don't get it. Shouldn't they take the 2 bills and nothing else?
Nov 27, 2004

Good teaser. I was thinkin mayb fake money. i like dis teaser alot! keep up da gud work!
Nov 28, 2004

Ha! I never even guessed that. Very clever. I can certainly understand why the robbers left them!
Dec 02, 2004

i like this on but like the other i thought it was fake money. oh yes and nicky101 they didn't take the bills because they were bills that you have to pay like you know when you get like the cable bill in the mail that is what type of bill it was. do you get it now?
Dec 05, 2004

i liked that 1 a lot, it was awesome , keep it up
Dec 10, 2004

too cute, ima use that one
Dec 14, 2004

good one!
(user deleted)
Jan 24, 2005

hahah! Thats pretty good!
Feb 23, 2005

cute!!! loved it!
Mar 03, 2005

Oh I get it now! That was a really, really good teaser!!!
Apr 09, 2005

Very clever. I also thought it was monopoly money.
Apr 23, 2005

i thought that was easy
May 01, 2005


Great wording, very funny, well written. Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!
May 24, 2005

very nice - i had decided that the bills were glued to the table
Jun 24, 2005

that was brilliant!
Jul 23, 2005

i donn't get it
Jul 29, 2005

that was awsome
i said that the were two hundred 1 dollar bills
keep up the good work
Sep 10, 2005

I like it!
Nov 30, 2005

I also thought monopoly money but hey good one.
Feb 11, 2006

How about the bills on two very expensive ducks, a robber probably wouldn't know how much they were worth.
Feb 13, 2006

nice one i liked it very much i had to put that in my favorits
Mar 10, 2006

Very clever, one of my favourites!!!
Jul 11, 2006

Very cute!!
Jan 24, 2007

Jan 05, 2010

Great teaser! I never thought of that..
Dec 09, 2010

I thought they left the bills there, and they were like fake or something....
Mar 02, 2013

You got me, this time! Good one!
Mar 02, 2013

Sorry,I give this one a thumbs down.
Mar 02, 2013

Way to obvious to be fun. And it was a burglary not a robbery.
Mar 02, 2013

Farfetched - it would depend on where you live whether it was a burglary or a robbery. Different jurisdictions use different terms for things. For instance where I live NO ONE would call it an "electricity bill" we call it a "Hydro Bill"
IT was pretty easy to solve but I think this should be put in the "too many possible answers" category. Why do they have to be an electricity bill and a phone bill? Why not a cable bill and a credit card bill? Or a gas bill and a water bill? How about an insurance bill and a rent bill?
Mar 02, 2013

Too many possible answer for this one.
Mar 02, 2013

I didn't get it, also thought there were a variety of answers. But if the answers included the ones listed, then you Did get it! I like being reminded to think outside the box & stretch my mind a bit.
Mar 02, 2013

For those who aren't "getting it", it's two bills that must be PAYED, not two bills as in dollar bills that are worth money
Mar 02, 2013

Quite clever. I went off on " The answer better not be they were counterfeit " cause nothing would logiaclly go there. I enjoyed being fooled
Mar 02, 2013

Very very good. I didn't get it but I usually don't. Fun though. I did try but I gave up cause I just couldn't come up with anything. It was just too obvious I guess. I'm looking at bills too and not even thinking that kind of "bill"
Love it. Thanks.
Mar 02, 2013

Very tricky. I didn't get it.
Mar 03, 2013

Like many others, I thought it was Monopoly money - I like your answer better!

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