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A False Accusation

Trivia brain teasers have some element of trivia in them, but they are not just pure trivia questions.


Puzzle ID:#20202
Fun:*** (2.17)
Difficulty:* (0.86)
Submitted By:maxvu*
Corrected By:cnmne




One day, a man in Southern Asia came home, knowing that he left his elephant home unattended, to find his neighbor complaining that his elephant killed his neighbor's dog, and ate it. "You should feed your elephant better," he said. "Your elephant ate my dog!"

The man took one look at the man and said: "You are lying."

How did he know?


Elephants are herbivores.

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Jan 02, 2005

its cool attepmt
Jan 02, 2005

elephants are cool and they wouldnt eat dogs
Jan 03, 2005

I once had a dog that ate an elephant, the dog was quite large.
Jan 03, 2005

Duh! So who doesn't know that elephants are herbivores? How could the neighbor be so stupid as to accuse the elephant? BTW - How do you eat an elephant?

Easy - one bite at a time!
Jan 03, 2005

haha, well, i didn't know that was funny!
Jan 05, 2005

If the people were in SE Asia they probably would have ate the dog themselves.
Jan 11, 2005

EZ AS PIE (and I like pie)

but I said vegetaarians insad of homniavors
Jan 16, 2005

That is a cool Brain Teaser.
Jan 27, 2005

If you didn't get this one you must be excessivly stupid!
I am just kidding
Feb 08, 2005

way too easy.
Feb 16, 2005

too easy
Feb 19, 2005

haha easy ez ez ez
Feb 25, 2005

2 stupid evry 1 can get it it is foolish.
(user deleted)
Mar 04, 2005's so damn funny!! but not as good as the rest.
Mar 12, 2005

what dose herbivitorius-or whatever that said- meen?
Mar 18, 2005

this is the stupidest teaser ever!!
Mar 20, 2005

i must be stupid because i didn't get it, but it was a good one
Mar 24, 2005

i must be stupid too cause i 4got that elephants are herbivores
Mar 26, 2005

Cute one. I got it right off but enjoyed it just the same.

to runscapekiller: An herbivore does not eat meat (that would be a carnivore). Herbivores only eat green leafy food (somewhat like a vegetarian.) Think of an elephant as a really large salad eater!
Mar 30, 2005

elephants dont eat dogs
i always wanted a pet elephant tho...
Apr 24, 2005

I don't know if anyone will see this comment because it is almost the end of April and the last comment was in March, but there were a lot of mean comments on this one. I figured it was a joke, and lots of things happen in a joke that don't in real life...for example, animals talking to eachother, or walking into a bar for that matter I thought it was very cute
May 10, 2005

That was one that I got right away
Jun 13, 2005

i liked it.
and you dont need to make mean comments
Jun 15, 2005

JEEZ! I never realized it was that simple. Well, you can all do this to me
Jun 16, 2005

at first i figured the answer would be more complex!

but that was a common sence answer
Jul 08, 2005

I got the answer the second it said that the elephant ate the dog!
Aug 12, 2005

Well I imagine that an elephant would eat just about anything if it was hungry! Okay okay I am just kidding. I thought that it was a cute teaser.
Sep 30, 2005

Pretty cute teaser, easy but still fun. Keep them coming.
Oct 11, 2005

Well if he thinks elephants eat dogs i hope he left cause it just might eat him next.
Jul 07, 2006

It seems that too many, takes too little, too was all it should have Thanks.

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