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Trapdoors 2

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#20954
Fun:*** (2.93)
Difficulty:** (1.46)
Submitted By:TherulerofthemAca******
Corrected By:boodler




After going through the door to freedom last time, you realize it wasn't to freedom at all, it was to another room, with another door.

There are six doors this time, all arranged in a straight line. Each has a clue on it. All clues are true.

Door colours: yellow, blue, red, green, purple, and orange.

The clues are:

Yellow door's clue: This door is 3 spaces away from the purple door.

Blue door's clue: This door is at the far left.

Red door's clue: The doors are in a sequence.

Green door's clue: This door is directly between the blue and yellow doors. It is three spaces away from the door to freedom.

Purple door's clue: This door is next to the door to freedom.

Orange door's clue: This door is directly next to the yellow door.

What colour door leads to freedom?


Draw a diagram.

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Feb 11, 2005

fun teaser, nice job
Feb 11, 2005

Easy, but Fun!
Feb 11, 2005

I agree with castanz.
"Easy , but fun!"
Feb 11, 2005

That was a pretty good teaser. It wasn't too hard, but wasn't super easy either.
Feb 12, 2005

Great fun but just a little to easy. Can't wait till trapdoors three comes out.
Feb 12, 2005

That was great but way to easy.
Feb 12, 2005

Awesome, but way 2 easy. Make trapdoors 3 alittle bit harder, won't u?
Feb 12, 2005

little harder comin up, trapdoors 3 is pending
Feb 13, 2005

Fun teaser, but I'm with everyone else on the difficulty factor. Nice work though! I'm anticipating the next one.
Feb 14, 2005

according to my knolage the colors of the rainbow can be remebered:

roy g biv

so wouldent it be blue
because blue is next to perple
Feb 15, 2005

Its not a rainbows sequence, simply that a colour is sorrounded by the colours that make it, but not for primary colours
Feb 20, 2005

Great fun and well written. Good job!
Feb 24, 2005

"Its not a rainbows sequence, simply that a colour is sorrounded by the colours that make it, but not for primary colours"

That is the rainbow sequence silly. and yes yours is the rainbow sequence also, if you view the doors as being in a circle rather than a line.
Mar 02, 2005

Liked this one too! Got it even faster-this time I didn't try to overanalize it. When it said left, I just used my left!
Apr 07, 2005

too easy, but very fun.
Apr 27, 2005

On my way to trapdoor 3. I hope it is harder and just as much fun.
Mar 12, 2006

lucky there was a hint or i would be trapped again
Jun 19, 2011

I got BGYOPR with orange to freedom. How is this wrong?????

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