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A Game of Cards 2

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#21680
Fun:*** (2.98)
Difficulty:*** (2.35)
Submitted By:cdrockAus*****!
Corrected By:tsimkin




With the money I made last time, I published the new game of cards. It has really spread around and is really getting popular with casinos. There is even one casino that was made just to play that game. One day, the manager of that casino came to my new office. He said that he wanted to play that same game of cards. Then he said if I win, I get your job, money, and everything; if you win, you get all my money, and you can own the casino. I knew I was good at this game, but this guy seemed a little tougher than my old boss. I accepted his challenge anyway.

This time there will be nine cards (6-Ace). They will all be face downward in an unknown order. The man will give me clues to figure it out. If I can figure it out, I win; if not, I lose. Can you help me figure out the order?


1. The "9" card is not next to the "7" card.

2. The "ace" is two away from both the "9" card and the "8" card.

3. The "10" and "7" cards are two away from the "queen". (1 in between)

4 The "king" is somewhere to the left of the "6" card.

5. The "Queen" is the fourth from the left.

6. The "8" card is somewhere to the right of both the "7" and "10" card.

7. The "6" card is next to the "7" card, but not the "king".

8. The "Jack" is somewhere to the right of the "king".

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Mar 21, 2005

wow. that was really, really hard, but i think worth it. one thing. you mean to say the queen is fourth from the left, not to the left. may seem nitpicky but it messed me up first two times.

but i do really like this one.
Mar 21, 2005

it was ok, but you didn't mention that there was a jack in the group of cards.
my answer was K,7,6,Q,9,10,A,_,8
Mar 21, 2005

who ate all the cheese
Mar 24, 2005

a didnt no there was a jack so i got messed up i got close tho it was fun
Mar 24, 2005

Nice one just need to mention the jack
Mar 26, 2005

seemed a little difficut,it was also fun.when i goyt the answwe4r it wrote it down but so SAD it was NOT correct.
Mar 29, 2005

I got it, but didn't know what went in the last empty space -the missing jack- til I read the answer. That information could have made it more fun.
Apr 01, 2005

Good standard LSAT type question. It is confusing however with "two away" as a clue. On the LSAT "two away" means there are two spaces inbetween. You could use inbetween instead. Good Game.
Apr 01, 2005

This was a REALLY hard teaser. I couldnt get it It was fun though. I just didnt know there was a jack involved.
Apr 02, 2005 who'd think of jack? not me! very good...
Apr 03, 2005

Good teaser. Even though the Jack wasn't mentioned in the clues, I figured it had to be in there some place in order to have a total of 9 cards. Got it right but had to write it down a few times.
Apr 25, 2005

that was way fun, i got it right on my first try too (i figured the second to the right was a jack)
Apr 28, 2005

Where the hell did that jack come from?
May 30, 2005

wow, nice job cd, U always have really good teasers
(user deleted)
Aug 26, 2005

Every deck of cards has a Jack.. However I am concerned about the setup of the problem in which you say you use the cards 7-A. I didn't count how many cards that was so when I did the problem I was confused with the clues mentioning "6" and thought it was a typo for 9 somehow..
Jan 08, 2006

I completely agree with blank01.
Apr 28, 2006

I though by saying 2 away from you meant two spaces in between the Q and the 10 and 7, or A from 9 and 8. My answer still worked with my misunderstanding. My answer was 10, 9 K, Q, A, 6, 7, 8, J. Check it, it still works.
Apr 24, 2007

Ok,I liked the puzzle. I love to play cards. The jack was easy..9 cards (7-A). Problem is thats only 8 cards and doesnt include 6.
7 8 9 10 J Q K A. Good one though.
Dec 19, 2010

Excellent teaser. Thanks for posting.
Jul 31, 2011

Good teaser - but I only got the left end correct. Finally I ran out of patience. But I still liked it quite a bit. Thanks!

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