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Hidden Homework Assignments

In Cryptography teasers, a phrase or expressions has been encoded in some way (frequently by replacing letters with other letters). You need to figure out the encoding method and then decode the message to find the answer.


Puzzle ID:#21708
Fun:*** (2.72)
Difficulty:*** (2.27)
Submitted By:MrBasKetBall*****
Corrected By:CPlusPlusMan




Mrs. Kodiac added an extra challenge when she typed this week's homework assignments for math, literature, science, and history. She hid the homework assignments in the following secret code.

[shr doc rcs,[;rd yep yjtpihj yrm

trsf [shrd yermyu yjtpihj docyu

etoyr i[ upit ;sdy rc[rto,rmy

trsf vjs[yrt rohjy smf smdert yjr wirdyopmd sy yjr rmf pg yjr vjs[yrt

What should the homework assignments really be?

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Mar 22, 2005

i got the code and started to work it out but then lost track of wwere i was on the screen so i cheated on the final answer - sorry
Mar 22, 2005

Ahh! That was brilliant!
Mar 22, 2005

i lost my pen,, have u seen it?
Mar 23, 2005

I thoght it was really hard. I never could've guessed that!
Mar 23, 2005

Flew right by me. Didn't have a clue. Great one.
Mar 24, 2005

good 1...I felt really stupid after I saw the answer
Mar 24, 2005

Never thought to check for the key to the right of the correct letter..

I opened up notepad, broke the code for the subjects by matching the number of letters per word, and from there, was able to break the code.

Great code
Mar 26, 2005

LOL im dumb
Mar 26, 2005

easy but time consuming
Mar 29, 2005

Found it hard but worked it out after a while. Good Code
Mar 30, 2005

Freakin' easy. I didn't even feel the need to finish the code. I got to 'math page'.
Apr 10, 2005

i knew the subjects but not anything else
Apr 14, 2005

I am so, so, so, stupid!!!! LOL
Apr 18, 2005

yjsy esd htrsy o gohitrf oy piy eoyjpiy yjr jomy/ o ;pbrf oy/ ;p;

That was great i figured it out without the hint. i loved it. lol
Apr 23, 2005

You copied!
Apr 23, 2005

My teacher said we couldn't solve this sitting down at a table, and said we had to go to the computer. It was easy to do after that. You got this from a certain website, plaugurist!
May 01, 2005

Tat was good
May 05, 2005

Gim niy rsdu@ O hpy oy pm ,syj@
(user deleted)
May 13, 2005

Peanuts. The code it self is a simple cipher, and there for quite easy to solve vis character frequency, repearted words, etc. However, the hint about keyboards, and the presence of the brackets and commas in words made their entire think fall into place. Not bad without the hint though...

-Drew K.
May 19, 2005

I actually gor rhis 1 b4 i looked at the answers!! i really liked it, though. thanks 4 making me feel so smart!!
May 19, 2005

I meant this instead of "rhis"
May 21, 2005

Man, that was pretty cool. I showed it to my dad and even he had no clue, hint notwithstanding (just like me).
May 21, 2005

and baconmasta can go *expletive deleted* himself for all i care. not all of us are that smart, sherlock, and thanks for making me feel so dumb about not knowing how to figure it out.
May 23, 2005

hard but very cool i had ia blast doing it
May 23, 2005

hard but very cool i had ia blast doing it
May 31, 2005

Jun 20, 2005

Jun 20, 2005

Good One! The easy ones always get me. Very TrickY!
(user deleted)
Jul 10, 2005

yes! got it! hehee...
Jul 16, 2005

That is by far the best code i have cracked! Nice work
Jul 31, 2005

very good teaser i was staring at my keyboard the whole time.
Aug 23, 2005

Now you just had to remind me i have homework, didn't you? Great teaser, but the code was so easy i missed it Keep up the good job
Oct 16, 2005

got it ! after reading the hint though... but got it ! great one !

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