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Got the Edge

Rebus brain teasers use words or letters in interesting orientations to represent common phrases.


Puzzle ID:#21919
Fun:*** (2.86)
Difficulty:*** (2.14)
Submitted By:badbunnee*****




What's the rebus shown by this display below?


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Mar 30, 2005

Clever.. very.. saw the answer, and face-palmed.. Good one
Mar 30, 2005

Aw, crud! I almost figured it out! Oh well. A single person cant figure everything out, you know. Wait, what am I saying? I just started using (actually using) braingle!

Does anybody know how to submit a teaser
Mar 30, 2005

Hey, nightie ..... thanks for the visit and the comment.

Go to top of your page ... click on 'submit a teaser' and follow the directions. Don't sweat it if you screw up a time or two. You'll get there. PM me if you need any more help.
Mar 30, 2005

Thanks everyone for the visit, votes, and comments.

If you want to see a variant of this one check out teaser # 19841. Same answer but his is a lot more fun !!!
Mar 30, 2005

Yeah....i'm not very good at this style of teaser.....but, once I saw the answer, I immediately understood.....weerryyy cwever
Mar 30, 2005

Mar 30, 2005

Gawwwwdddddd !!! KB123 !!!

THAT one will take me a while.
BUT ... i'm workin' on it !!!!
(are we still using code-book Z4-KB122?)

Mar 30, 2005

How about "You're on my time now"
Mar 30, 2005

Hey, ill .... GOOD ONE !!!!

That'd work !!!!!!
Mar 31, 2005

I first thought of "My time is your time" but since time was not on both sides, I figured it out. Very cute.

Keep working on that coded message - I'd like to know what this one is!!!
Mar 31, 2005

Got a problem, here. KB123 (for some unknown reason) refuses to send me the code-book updates. The BEST I can get out of "BOLLOCKS" (using the out-dated code and running it through level 01 only) is "LOCKBOLS".

Meaningless, eh whot? But I'll keep workin' on it.
Apr 03, 2005

This was too easy.
Apr 23, 2005

Thanx, weemamie ...

Yep ... easy one 'twas !!!!
(but the EZ ones can be FUNzies, too !!)

Thanks for the visit, the comment, and the vote (if so you did).

Apr 23, 2005

PS to weemamie ...

Maybe I could have done it in "military time" ... showed it as 000 instead, with the kicker on the other side. That way it could have read "no time for you"
(yok, yok, yok, yok, yok)

May 09, 2005

this darn rebus
is way over my head
im really sleepy
time for me to get to bed!
Jan 07, 2006

i wouldnt have gotten it w/o the hint
Aug 29, 2006

Wow! Badbunnee, your rebuses are FANTASTIC... great, great job!
Nov 29, 2007

Nice rebus. More please.
Nov 29, 2007

Very fun teaser. I love these types.
Nov 29, 2007

great teaser.
(user deleted)
Nov 29, 2007

would have been ok if you had to think about it. instead of the answer being right there
Nov 29, 2007

Great rebus. I didn't get it, I was thinking "My time is your time", but when I saw the answer I thought to myself "of course". I'd like to see more of these.
Nov 29, 2007

Fun rebus, but the hint definitely gave it away for me. I enjoyed it though. Rebuses are my favorite!
Nov 29, 2007

not enough sleep. even the hint didn't help me.

nice job
Nov 29, 2007

clever, clever,clever... and unique... love it... i came up with "my overtime" ( and boy could i use some rite now lol!!!), but it still didnt seem rite... the hint said it all, and i got it immediately after looking at it... keep 'em coming
Nov 29, 2007

Great Job Badbunee!
I didn't get this one
I started singing Time is on my
Side by the Rolling Stones ha ha

Isn't BOLLOCKS British for Stupid?
My ex is Scottish & I've heard that
a lot. Or it can mean Not Worth It.

Forget that person! This was a really cool Teaser

Nov 29, 2007

That was a good one!
Nov 29, 2007

Great rebus! But, like some of the others, I was stuck on "my time is your time" which obviously was WRONG!
Nov 29, 2007

The hint gave me direction, but then threw me off. The "Left ... Right" would have been enough, but "Top ... Bottom" threw a wrench in it. I started wondering, "If 10:30 is bottom left, what is bottom right, 4:30?" I was thinking in terms of a clock face.
Anyway ... I gor a good mind exercise out of the whole ordeal. Thanks!
Nov 29, 2007

I GOT a good mind exercise ...
Nov 29, 2007

i loved this one. the hint gave it away. great job
Nov 29, 2007

Hmmm, a certain time of day doesn't exactly mean TIME in general, but okay.
And if you look up bullocks you'll find that it has some inappropriate connotations.
Nov 29, 2007

good teaser
Nov 29, 2007

Nice.....Couldn't figure it out. I wasn't even close....Well, there's always next time.
Nov 30, 2007

I couldn't get that one. I got lost somewhere, and couldn't find my way home. Thanks for posting. It gave me something to think about while I'm coughing my head off.

Dec 01, 2007

Rebus is my fav type. Didn't get it (I blame stupid screen res) but so cool.
I liked it a lot, but once read your reples, fell in love with it.
Very classy, smart answers
Dec 03, 2007

all you pple are exaderating bcuz that waz dummmm so srry but i didnt get it....
Nov 29, 2013

dash(es) conect thingsa line between the words would have made more sense. you think side right away witj " I " rather than " ______ "I am probab ly so cause I was stumped with iy.
Nov 29, 2013

I agree with 1perkid. I did not think it was as good as some of you do! Sorry!
Nov 29, 2016

wow that is a really great brain teaser!

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