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Trick brain teasers appear difficult at first, but they have a trick that makes them really easy.


Puzzle ID:#23510
Fun:*** (2.31)
Difficulty:* (1.08)
Submitted By:irock3001Aus***




A man walks up to a head sitting on a table. He twists the nose around, and opens the mouth. Out of the mouth pops a mini brain. The man puts it in his mouth and says, "Mmm. Lemon flavor. My favorite," and walks away.

Can you explain what just happened?

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Jun 08, 2005

Easy, kinda weird, but fun!
Jun 08, 2005

I got that..It was easy.
Jun 08, 2005

easy but clever!
Jun 08, 2005

we have one of these in my house
Jun 08, 2005

i thought it was a pez dispenser
Jun 08, 2005

i guessed pez also. pretty lame one.
Jun 08, 2005

i know it's kind of lame. but, it was my first teaser. give me some props time it will definitely be harder.
Jun 08, 2005

way to easy
Jun 08, 2005

That was pretty easy I got it right away bit it was creative
Jun 09, 2005

Very Creative but easy.
Jun 10, 2005

Yes very clever and very creative, i give you an A for your first teaser!
Jun 10, 2005

Good but easy. I got it right away.
Jun 12, 2005

i liked that 1
Jun 12, 2005

Jun 13, 2005

Didnt need the clue to get it wrong
I said it was a pez dispenser
Jun 13, 2005

Didnt need the clue to get it wrong
I said it was a pez dispenser
Jun 13, 2005

i was thinking jack-o-lantern candy bucket and the guy was trickortreating
Jun 20, 2005

hmmm..... i see some people are worse at teasers than others. *hinthint* (spice) that was thoroughly easy. i was just trying to earn some points, and i had a gumball machine shaped like a head sitting on the coffee table. I made it in tech.

postscript- Kukmiester, what was all the eye rolling for? that's u. u have a very bad attitude, mister/miss/mrs.
Jun 20, 2005

The hint wuz really obvious, but u did well
Jun 21, 2005

I thought it was pez.
Jun 22, 2005

well.......i did a hint, specifically that hint because you know, maybe the man had a real head emptied or whatever. ugh! gross. that's a disgusting thought. nevermind about that one.
Jun 24, 2005

I dont think it was easy.
But I have heard better
Jun 24, 2005

it was pretty random but fun
Jun 25, 2005

i feel special... i got it right. I'm usually not good with teasers so thanks for making my day!
Jun 26, 2005

your welcome for making your day. again i say that i don't appreciate eye rolling . go in the chat room while im in there and i will make your day suck!
Jul 04, 2005

I also thoght it was pez but now that i read it over i relieze that it wouldn't make since as a pez dispecer.
Jul 05, 2005

I voted pez, but did not like it much either way.
Jul 05, 2005

irock, it was good for a first teaser, but i will expect much better next time
Jul 05, 2005

perhaps there won't be a next time. don't assume things bean.
Jul 06, 2005

Sweet teaser! I hope you do anotherone soon!

I know how you feel about it being your first teaser. I spelled something wrong on my first teaser.
Jul 06, 2005

I first thought pez too, but second time I read it I noticed the twisting of the nose. So not super easy for me.
Jul 08, 2005

Yea, Pez dispensers don't have twistable noses. I got it right off. but it's kinda- weird...
Jul 11, 2005

easy but clever and fun. you may rock but your teasers don't. try again
Jul 15, 2005

not funny
but sorta clever
not really
but try again
Sep 23, 2005

I thought it was a pez, too. duh...
Dec 09, 2005

Great- I went with the Pez as well but your answer was better!
Nov 14, 2006

I was way a head of you until you asked your question. The way you have phrased it, "No, I can't." would be a true and correct answer for anyone who couldn't.
Oct 28, 2007

Great job
Mar 01, 2008

i never thot of that answer

great first teaser, keep 'em comin!!
Jun 08, 2009

i thought of a pez dispenser lol
Oct 26, 2009

you could have made it a pez with candy that looked like brains, that would be better.
Dec 08, 2010

Yes. Yes I do.

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