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Sunday Morning Breakfast Table

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#23994
Fun:*** (2.99)
Difficulty:*** (2.32)
Submitted By:bigSWAFF_69_Aus******




Detective Bob Smith was out late one night looking for a murder suspect. He had received several tips from witnesses which led him into a vast untamed meadow. After hours of searching for any trace of the suspect, he decided to pack up, and go home.

Detective Smith had been off in search of this particular suspect for two days during which time he did not return home. He knew his wife, who was waiting at home, missed him, so he decided to take a little gift back to her. He just needed to decide what to get her.

While walking back to his truck, he noticed a patch of strikingly beautiful wild flowers in lovely shades of blue and pink. Knowing his wife's passion for fresh cut flowers, he reached into his detective's evidence kit and got out a pair of scissors. He noticed a couple of thorns on a bush next to the flowers, and decided to keep his gloves on to avoid getting pricked by the thorns.

He cut off enough flowers from the patch to enable his wife to make a nice arrangement. He then wrapped several large evidence bags around the flowers so they wouldn't fall apart and walked back to his truck. He placed the wrapped flowers on the seat next to him, and started the long drive home.

Two hours later, he finally arrived home. He laid the flowers on the kitchen table for his wife to find when she got up the next morning. Since the next day was Sunday, he knew that she always prepared a nice breakfast for the two of them and would find the flowers when she went to the kitchen to prepare their breakfast.

Early the next morning, his wife got up and followed her normal Sunday morning routine of briefly tidying up and then she headed for the kitchen to begin preparing breakfast. Upon entering the kitchen, she noticed the flowers, still wrapped in the large evidence bags laying on the table. She went to the cupboard and chose a nice glass vase to arrange the flowers in.

After unwrapping the flowers, she began to cut the ends of the stems on a diagonal slant which would help them to absorb more water, and therefore live longer. She accidentally poked her finger with the tip of the knife resulting in a small cut. She then continued to cut each stem as she wanted to place the finished arrangement on the table as a centerpiece for breakfast.

Since Detective Smith had gotten home at such a late hour and had been working many long hours in his search for the murder suspect, he had decided to sleep in late and had not bothered to set his alarm clock as was his usual practice on Sunday mornings. He awoke to the aroma of frying bacon and fresh coffee and decided to get up and join his wife in the kitchen for breakfast.

Upon entering the kitchen, he glanced toward the table to see if his wife had found and arranged the flowers he had so thoughtfully picked for her. Then he saw her. She was lying on the floor surrounded by water and broken glass from the vase. The flowers were scattered on the table and on the floor. He quickly ran to his wife and felt for a pulse. There was none. She was dead. He noticed that she had opened the kitchen door leading out to the back yard in order to let the fresh air drift through the screen door.

Since their house was located at the end of a dead end street, they had only one close neighbor. His name was Bill Walowhitz. They had recently gotten into an argument when Mr. Walowhitz's dog had gotten into their back yard and destroyed his wife's prized rose garden. The Detective began to wonder if Mr. Walowhitz had still been angry over the rose garden incident and had entered the kitchen through the back door, broken the glass vase over his wife's head resulting in her death. The Detective surveyed the kitchen, the screen door and the back yard and could find nothing out of place except for the broken glass vase, spilled water, and the scattered flowers.

How did Mrs. Smith die?

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Jun 27, 2005


haha, i beat Froggy in commenting it....
Jun 27, 2005

OH YEAH...Froggygg helped me out a lot on this teaser...fixing many mistakes, and getting all that boring info. on that flower thingy.....
Jun 27, 2005

Hey! It's finally here! I'm really proud of you SWAFF for the great teaser. Really a job well done. And thanks for the comments that I helped. I may have helped edit it, by you came up with the original concept. Now, let's see some more!
Jun 27, 2005

Yes you did beat me and you knew I wanted to be the first to comment on it! But guess what - your comment doesn't count because you wrote it - so I am the first comment from the site! ha ha ha!
Jun 27, 2005

Yeah right......

wait, somebody else needs to post a comment, because i know have 5 comments, by 2 people, who both contributed in writing it, so neither count...........
Jun 27, 2005

it's good.
Jun 28, 2005

I figured the flowers must be poison, but I also considered maybe something in those evidence bags, that threw me, so was not 100% sure till I read ur answer. Good one well written
Jun 29, 2005

I have developed an irrational fear of flowers..O_o;
Jun 29, 2005

Amazing! Very interesting and educational! Top marks! Keep up the good riddles SWAFF
Jun 30, 2005

I figured the flowers were poisonus, but I thought he had grabbed the wrong evidence bags, and they had something bad in them. I never heard of that flower. Are they always pink and blue? (gotta watch for them! )
Jun 30, 2005

WooHoo, this is the 6th best that good?

Any way, thanks for all the swellorific comments!!!
Jul 01, 2005

I thought she dropped the vase, and she hit her head on the table therefore dieing. WOW that sounded smart.
Jul 01, 2005

I thought she dropped the vase, and she hit her head on the table therefore dieing. WOW that sounded smart.
Jul 01, 2005

i am so not reading that
Jul 01, 2005

good mistary
Jul 02, 2005

I really loved this mystery! All the details were perfect and made sence!
Jul 02, 2005

wonderful...perfect...except i think in the answer u should explain that she dropped the vase when she suffocated...i think everyone understood but u should say it for not so smart people lol GREAT JOB!
Jul 02, 2005

Thanks Everybody!

Babybabe1 (is that your name?) I do not care if you don't have a few minuts to read it, you do not have to make a comment stating it, If you did not read it, just go on to another, don't worry bout rating, or commenting, its not like your going to win a prise for the most comments
Jul 03, 2005

Very well written - and I actually got it.

Didn't know which flowers they were, which means I learned something, too.

Great Job! Keep 'em coming!!
Jul 04, 2005

I did think that the flowers had something to do with it but i thought that the answer would be more complex with the killer in the answer. Great one!
Jul 05, 2005

Nice and simple... I kept waiting for something else to happen and ended up having to re-read it. I commend you for making up the neighbor's last name... I would never think of that.
Jul 07, 2005

I thought it was easy but I do know a little about plants. Very good mystery and well written.
Jul 08, 2005

It was good but easy
Jul 09, 2005

Poor hint, it threw us farther off instead of helping, otherwise, good teaser.
Jul 10, 2005

No, the hint actually would have helped, if you could understand it.......

The flower thingies were on the table, and that was what killed lead you away from the thought of Murder
Jul 11, 2005

This teaser was horrible
Jul 12, 2005

Glad you liked it
Jul 13, 2005

Great teaser. learned something. Got a headache though trying to figure out what kind of flowers would be poisonous to kill a person... But at least i got the flowers part Great job.
Jul 20, 2005

I got a fear of flowers now ,too
Jul 23, 2005

Great teaser.
Aug 08, 2005

Swaff, Great teaser and very well written. I figured out the answer right away, but I have been a mystery buff for years. Thanks for taking to time to present a well-written and well-researched teaser!
Aug 19, 2005

Great teaser...I got it right!!! Keep the mysteries comin! Pleeeaaaase!!!!
Sep 09, 2005

hey awesome mystery....this is the first one i read since i joined and i got it right away....awesome oh god whats the word....confidence booster...i luved was a tad bit long but i guess it would have to be to fit all the info in right
Sep 11, 2005

Nice! Have you written any more?
Sep 19, 2005

Good Mystery! And to quote my 13 month old," I like-like "
Sep 20, 2005

Your the man! Great Job! Keep writing
Sep 27, 2005

good one! interesting. educational. So did the detective go back to the field and find the poisoned body of the murder suspect full of thorn scratches and just beyond those flowers?

Sep 30, 2005

Congrats swaffy (and froggy ) for the wonderful mystery you managed to cowrite. Keep them coming!
Oct 02, 2005

Most excellent!!!!!!!!! It was sorta
hard to rate the 'fun-ness', 'cause it's not very fun that the lovely wife died, but the teaser was very well written and now I need to go take some Excedrin!
Oct 02, 2005

...Then, to make it more fun

"His wife was very ugly"

there, now I got rid of an ugly person, is that good
Oct 09, 2005

Thank you bigSWAFF, much better!! Highest 'fun' rating now!!
Life is too short to marry ugly women!
Nov 05, 2005

Aw... poor Bob. He killed his own wife. He must hate himself.
Nov 07, 2005

Loved it, I learn something new on almost every teaser I read.
Nov 12, 2005

I liked this, and I liked that it was long too! But, hey! that hint, that hint... threw me like totally totally off. Because, see, she had to make the coffee and cook the bacon after the flowers cause she didn't do it before, so, she wouldn't necessarily have been at the table, right? Anyway, it was fun and hard, thank you...
Nov 18, 2005

yeah, you knew it had to be the plant.
Nov 22, 2005

Hey Swaff: No one else noticed that because you say he smelled the coffee and bacon, she had to have started cooking AFTER putting the flowers on the table? I'm like, so proud of myself for noticing that!
Feb 08, 2006

Ah, the old poisonous monkshood trick. But could so little due so much?
May 22, 2006

Very enjoyable!
May 27, 2006

its kinda sad........
Jun 11, 2006

Nice one, but you forgot something. Nowhere in the teaser is the word SWAFF!
Aug 10, 2006

that poor mans wife died but it was a good mystery
Oct 15, 2006

I got it and I loved the teaser!
Jun 26, 2007

freaky! good! i loved it!
Nov 30, 2007

How were we supposed to know they were poisonous? It never said. *pouting* Anyway, what an awful way to die! He will be devastated when he finds out he killed his wife!
Dec 11, 2007

That was a pretty good one.... I never would have guessed that she would have died like that...It's sorta depressing. I like it....
Jun 23, 2008

SourDough knew they were poison flowers, but once again, the answer contained TMI! $ourDough dislikes TMI!

Dec 02, 2008

sooo saaddd!!!
Jan 10, 2010

teensy bit silly bob
not bad though; it was well written--one question: what happened to the suspect?
Aug 27, 2011

Sweet teaser! It had many choices of what could of happened and provided info and actaully makes one think outside the box.
May 05, 2012

CREEPY!!! I've been a little paranoia since I first read it... now I'm a little embarrassed.
Jul 13, 2012

It was kinda hard for me coz I don't know mch bwt plants so I. Figured that when the wife was pouring the water she spilt some on the floor and when she pricked herself she got a little shock and slipped,hit her head resulting in her unfortunate death but it was awesome but DULL so rating the fun level was hard but difficulty... Take a guess LOL nice teaser you and frogy make a roCkin' good team
Jun 17, 2013

I know it has been a while , but thanks for posting this! I had fun reading it and thought it was a good (if rather sad) mystery.
Jul 10, 2013

World's worst detective.
Dec 30, 2015

I actually initially thought Nightshade. Good teaser

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