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Trivia brain teasers have some element of trivia in them, but they are not just pure trivia questions.


Puzzle ID:#2424
Fun:*** (2.2)
Difficulty:* (1.03)
Submitted By:Mad-adeAhu***
Corrected By:markmonnin




Which is the only fruit to have its seeds on the outside?

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Mar 12, 2002

scientifically the 'seeds' are the actual berry part of the strawberry
Mar 26, 2002

The berry part is the equivalent of the ovary, which produces seeds. The seeds are still on the outside.
Mar 27, 2002

HEY!!! All this talk about ovaries and seeds and berries and such, Has everyone forgotten the poor STRAW that helps make this thing possible. If you wanna get technical about it. if the seeds are the berries and they are all on the outside, I guess it is the STRAW hold it all together.
Jun 25, 2002

i immediatly said it was a strawberry. good one though
Jun 27, 2002

omg! can u say easy
May 01, 2003

Check me out when I've just eaten a mango. The fruit is on the inside and the seed is definitely on the outside!
Sep 10, 2005

What about blackberries and raspberries?
Jul 07, 2006

easy so easy very very easy EASY EASY EASY!
Aug 04, 2007

Technically the "berry" is really a swollen stem, the seeds are the fruit.
Sep 05, 2007

Philippines have a fruit called Kasuy , its seed is outside the seed is being roasted to get a good tasting chewy seed
Aug 06, 2009

Kasuy = Cashew. I think.

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