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Next Animal...

Series teasers are where you try to complete the sequence of a series of letters, numbers or objects.


Puzzle ID:#24923
Fun:*** (2.87)
Difficulty:** (2.02)
Submitted By:CuteNis****




What is the next animal in this series:

Quail, Weasel, Emu, Racoon, -?-

Choose from:

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Jul 27, 2005

Cute teaser! As soon as I read the hint I was like "Ooooh!"
Jul 27, 2005

wait..........b isn't on the top row of a QWERTY keyboard.
Jul 27, 2005

I don't need extra points for identifying that YAK is next, because I managed to identify that TIGER is just as eligible as TURKEY. In fact I spent more time identifying the eligibility of one over the other.
Jul 27, 2005

very nice and easy. keep up the good job
Jul 27, 2005

Very Clever!!!
And tiger isn't eligable because It is NOT a bird!!!!! Learn to read!!!! I may not be any good at teasers but I can read that it alternates between bird and mammal!!!!!! And no "b" isnt on the top row...I'm sure that was just to throw you off...sry for being edgy...
Jul 27, 2005

Cute. But kind of dificult!
Jul 27, 2005

Cool, I like this teaser!
Jul 27, 2005

HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ostriches are birds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 28, 2005

if kate is a moron say I.

Jul 30, 2005

Loved it! I did'nt get the qwerty thing. The comments on it are even better!!!!
Jul 30, 2005

Nice one. it was cool to read a teaser where the hint actually helped. (please, no one take any offense. the hints on my teasers don't help either ) great job!
Aug 18, 2005

this ws so easy. finally my first easy teaser keep em' coming
Oct 13, 2005

got it ! actually got it ! cool one ! but only after the hint !
Dec 09, 2005

Good one! This is the first one I got in a while. I like your sense of humour in the hint!
Aug 24, 2008

I got it but not the part abut beginning with a letter from the top row on keyboard. Nice teaser. thanks for posting
Aug 24, 2008

I picked up on the keyboard immediatly which made very easy.
Aug 24, 2008


It's a nice teaser, although there's a catch with the list of options.

The most logical option - when disregarding the hint which tells us about the TYPE etc - is that the list gives us:

a flightless bird
a mammal
a flightless bird
a mammal

with yet another flightless bird in the list of options (the ostrich) available, it's a bit arbitrary on which logic to bet

Perhaps CuteNIS would consider changing ostrich to any kind of other bird that is able to fly?
Aug 24, 2008

Quails fly.
Aug 24, 2008

NICE, feel like a turkey sammich right now!!
Aug 24, 2008

I went with the simple logic of trying to spell a word with the first letter of each animal. To spell "QUERY" I found that the yak would be next. This teaser is a good conversation starter at the very least. Good Job!!
Aug 24, 2008

Very clever. I didn't get QWERTY so I just guessed turkey over ostrich and got lucky
Aug 24, 2008

I thought it was quite easy, without the hint.
Aug 24, 2008

Veeery good! I loved it!
Aug 24, 2008

enjoyed this one - thank you !
Aug 24, 2008

It was between 'Turkey' and 'Tiger', I just guessed 'Turkey' and I feel good that I got it.

Ok, so an emu is a bird... point taken.
Aug 24, 2008

Good one! I got the mammal & bird part, but I didn't get the QWERTY part. I just guessed turkey (partly because it was the 1st bird on the list) and I got it right!
Aug 24, 2008

Like peacock, I just guessed turkey, but I knew querty (I didn't even see tiger and didn't get the bird/mammal series. Fun teaser, though. Thanks!
Aug 24, 2008

i got the qwerty part and not the bird/mammal part. i didnt even notice tiger was an option until i read the comments so i got lucky
Aug 25, 2008

I was close!

Good job!
Aug 24, 2011

Took me about 5 seconds to notice QWERTY, but it still wasn't instant - I had to take about 60 seconds to notice the taxonomic class alternation . . . I was stumped between tiger & turkey at first.

Well done.

Anyone out there still on other keyboards (IE Dvorak)?
Aug 24, 2011

AROB. What more can I say. A special to GiMi
Aug 24, 2011

Before the hint, I got the alternating birds and got it down to turkey and ostrich. The hint did not help me get to querty, so I chose the bird more flightless than the turkey! I don't mind that I missed it; it was a good teaser! (Actually, I hadn't considered the turkey barely gets off the ground; I just knew the ostrich and the emu were both flightless.)
Aug 24, 2011

What are you thankful for?
Aug 24, 2011

Too easy. Hi Gayle and doehead.
Aug 24, 2011

there is another animal that has a t it was tiger
Aug 24, 2014

How random . . .
Aug 24, 2014

I got it, but only because of the animals alternating and the turkey being first on the list. Not too smart, but I was correct anyhow.
Aug 24, 2014

Seeing as the number of letters in the word list alternate between odd and even, the next word is obviously Tiger.
Aug 24, 2014

Fun quiz. But I really have to try and solve these after I've had a cup of coffee! Cheers!
Aug 24, 2014

OK now, I am trying to think all 'scientific' and straining my brain and you come up with a stupid answer like the QWERTY key board. I guess I better start trying to dumb down now.
Aug 24, 2014

I got to turkey by finding that Turkey was the only bird that began with a left hand key.The next animal could then be either tiger or eland.

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