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Sink A Needle

Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#25647
Fun:*** (2.74)
Difficulty:** (1.83)
Submitted By:haldir***
Corrected By:calmsavior




How can you sink a needle that is floating in a bowl of water without touching it, dropping anything on it, or shaking the bowl?

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Aug 29, 2005

Aug 30, 2005

very cute - i must remember to try this one at home
(user deleted)
Aug 31, 2005

this one i can use in a science fair experiment that is easy. thanks for the idea.
Sep 04, 2005

Great teaser! I got it, but only because my neice just did this for a science project.
Sep 04, 2005

I figure that using a magnet to pull the pin to the bottom of the bowl is the only solution. But that is based on my assumption that I cannot add anything (like soap) to the water because I would cause waves. I think adding soap might violate the "rules" of the game.
Sep 05, 2005

I agree with Pascal. I came up with the "correct" answer immediately, but rejected it because it seemed to break the rules as written.
Sep 05, 2005

very cool
Sep 05, 2005

Never thought of a magnet, good idea.
Sep 07, 2005

Good one keep it up
Sep 08, 2005

I'm with Pascal and them... Is soap legal in this case?? Maybe we should investigate the effects of Psycho kinetics on the structure of water molecules??? And the magnet, didn't think of that one.
Sep 09, 2005

My answer was to put a big magnet underneath the bowl, it should work
Sep 30, 2005

I thought you were going to say something like, "well I never said you couldn't push it down using something that isn't yourself... I just said you couldn't drop anything on it."
Oct 12, 2005

yeah the rules state that you cant put anything onto the needle so wouldnt pouring soupy water be against the rules???
Nov 09, 2005

well i thought of a magnet, but i managed to (of course) make my solution 10 times harder than it could be. lol i thought, "get a magnet of the same force (forgot the right word) and literally use magnitice force to 'push' the needle under. gosh. never thought to put the magnet under the bowl. also didnt think of soap. good one though
Dec 10, 2005

I thought I would put the pan of water on the stove heat it until boiling causing the needle to sink. Didn't know about the soap!
Dec 12, 2005

Good thinking. Boiling water would also work.
Dec 18, 2005

Jan 06, 2006

Who needs soap? Just suck the water out of the bowl with a straw.
Jan 12, 2006

does that qualify as "sinking?" I think not. Anything to break the surface tension works here. There is no rule against making waves, only against touching the needle or shaking the bowl itself.
Feb 02, 2006

It's amazing how many correct answers exist to this teaser.

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