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The Element of Agreement

Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#26100
Fun:*** (2.92)
Difficulty:** (1.86)
Submitted By:hotgreenAus***
Corrected By:shenqiang




I am a chemical symbol for an element.
This element was discovered in 1824.
I am a Spanish word without the accent.
Reverse me so I become a form of a common verb.

What symbol am I?

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Sep 28, 2005

Nice. I got it, but only by accident I need to brush up on my elements well written
Sep 28, 2005

Great one, I didn't know that one, tried to go through all the elements in my mind.
Sep 30, 2005

Darn. Stumped me. If I knew about silicon BEFORE I looked at this teaser, I probably would've gotten it.
I give it a
Sep 30, 2005

hope u ppl like this teaser
Oct 02, 2005

It was a really good one buddy
Oct 05, 2005

Very clever! Keep it up!
Oct 07, 2005

Very good, I got it after I read the hint...
Oct 25, 2005

I only know like the first 20 elements, so this one got me

it was very interesting, though
Nov 09, 2005

well i cheated and looked at the table of elements. but that was well written. good clues! keep 'em up.
Nov 11, 2005

AWSOME you got me
Nov 21, 2005

Nov 25, 2005

very unique, despite its easiness. note that si without an accent is also a spanish word, meaning "if"
Dec 11, 2005

Easy! I got it straight away, without referring to a periodic table. It's a great teaser though.
Jan 12, 2006

Pretty good teaser, pretty easy.
May 20, 2006

Si without an accent mean "if" in spanish. Just so you know
Jun 25, 2008

For unknown reasons I was completely lost on this one.Didn't realize silicon was that old.Wonder when it was first used for enhancement purposes?
Jun 25, 2008

As a Spanish speaker, I was thinking of te (Spanish for tea) which is the symbol for tellurium. But I guess it was discovered way after 1824. Good one.
Jun 25, 2008

This was really good. A lot of thought went into the making of this teaser. Thanks for posting.
Jun 25, 2008

I was totally lost.
Jun 25, 2008

si without an accent is still a word in spanish, if.
Jun 25, 2008

My mind just wasnt in it today. It ws a mental teaser for sure though.
Jun 25, 2008

Cute and easy - my kind of teaser!! Gracious!
Jun 25, 2008

Como No!
Jun 25, 2008

It was kind of a good teaser, but you need to take some Spanish class right away. "Si" does not necesarily have an accent in order to be in agreement... Espero que el próximo te salga un poco mejor, saludos.
Jun 25, 2008

I didn't get it. I still don't get it. I get the "si" and "is" but the clues don't all go together. Something's not right. Sorry.
Jun 25, 2008

The hint didn't help me ... it said "Check the title" and the title is The Element of Agreement. The only symbol I see there is "Ag" which is silver, and that's not a Spanish word that I know of, nor is the reverse a verb.
What am I missing here?
Aug 28, 2009

Would go better in language than science
Jun 25, 2011

Hablo espanol pero no comprende las elementes. I hope DH leaves a word or two here - his comments are always used for enhancement purposes!
Sep 04, 2012

si with an accent=yes
si without an accent=if
Jun 25, 2014

Did not get that one, but it was interesting.
Jun 25, 2014

Didn't get this one either.
Jun 25, 2014

Interesting, but challenging Teaser.

Difficult for me.

But I gave it high ratings for "fun" anyway.

More, later ... Back to work.

Jun 25, 2014

G,morn, mate (a bit of Aussis/NZ talk fer ya) ...

Thanks, again, for allowing me back into your Braingle-sycophant (LIU) ranks.

I truly cherish being here, but keep watching closely .... as I MIGHT disappear at any second .... all it takes is for some Braingle high-muck to throw the right "karma" switch and ...

presto-chang-o .... BB=BooBoo !!!

But ... let's have fun while we can ... OK ???

On yesterday's late TOTD a couple of Braingle-Wraingles flipped some hate-birds in my direction:

Doodler hit on me for assuming he was a he.

YY got into the act by challenging my assumption that Christ wanted us all to practice religious perfectibility.

Couple those two with Habsie's continuing (perhaps) efforts to determine WHY, WHY, WHY Japanese Hotels have only one clock on the wall to indicate North American time ... and you have ....

Perfect examples of continuing efforts to "attack the messenger" (me) and ignore the relevant signs of Braingle's probable early demise.

Actually, I don't really care that most of you don't feel it's a problem. That's a different problem that I'll continue to address.

What I REALLY, REALLY care about is that most of you (except doodlie, YY, Habsie, and one or two more .......

Don't have the guts to admit it.

Ok ... prove me wrong.

Jun 25, 2014

The clue about it being a spanish word helped me get it. Since symbols are one or two letters long, I figured the Spanish word must be two letters, and the only one I could think of was "si" which of course fit the rest of the clues. Nice Teaser!
Jun 25, 2017

Ni Would have also worked. Spanish "neither" and he element Nickel - EXCEPT is doesn't match well with the puzzle title.
Jun 25, 2017

No, Nickel would not have worked, because it was discovered in 1751, and the puzzle clearly states that the element it is referencing was discovered in 1824.
Jun 25, 2017

Very fun and entertaining teaser; took awhile but I guessed it right. Si was the only Spanish word I could think of that when reversed forms a verb as stated in the clue.
Jun 26, 2017

That was a pretty neat teaser. I didn't get it, but I don't speak Spanish and don't know the elements. But I still enjoyed learning the answer!
Jun 26, 2017

Got this one from the second 2 clues. Then remembered the part about silver being Si. Good teaser.

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