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Safe Landing

Situation puzzles (sometimes called lateral thinking puzzles) are ones where you need to ask lots of yes or no questions to figure out what happened in the situation. These are good puzzles for groups where one person knows the puzzle and answers the questions.


Puzzle ID:#262
Fun:*** (2.97)
Difficulty:*** (2.19)
Submitted By:Mr. GAus*****




A man falls 150 feet without a parachute. He flips upside down six times and lands safely on the ground. How does he do this?

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Jun 04, 2002

Where is this roller coaster that "flips upside down" 6 times. I have been to hundreds of fair grounds and amusement parks over the past 15 years and have never yet seen a roller coaster "flip", at least not with out killig someone. And another thing, roller coasters run along rails, so can not "land safely on the ground"
Apr 01, 2003

I dis- agree with mr. Negative or should I say Mr. NAGative. I like this teaserit was good and mad-ade needs to loosen up. He is too serious. Keep um` coming.
Feb 02, 2004

could'nt the man have also been in a plane
Oct 02, 2004

totally agree with Mad Ade on this one. tell me where the coaster is and I will withdraw my comment, otherwise, this one sucks
Feb 14, 2005

I thought he was doing a trampoline routine.. the teaser never said that he had to fall all those feet at once.
Oct 22, 2005

i thought he was jumping off a diving board or something - i know that it would have to be a VERY high dive, but you never know...
Oct 31, 2005

If he is on a roller coaster, he will be descending not falling. Falling is uncontrolled.
Nov 04, 2005

u ppl r mean. i got the same answer as atropus. a gymnast or a trampoline dude.
Nov 19, 2005

well i thought it was cute even tho i thought he was doing something with gymnastics. "flipping" is a loose term that can mean "corkscrewing" or "going upside down" or whatever. if ur a normal person u dont say "and then the rollercoaster corcskscrewed us" u just say it flipped us. besides if the editors thought it was admissible, chill out. u gotta give ppl credit for submitting stuff at all....
Nov 19, 2005

I agree with bookworm, I liked this riddle very much ^_^
Nov 19, 2005

err... teaser... ^^'
Nov 29, 2005

roller costers only lad if the jump the track!
Nov 29, 2005

I ment land not lad
Dec 04, 2005

i did this teaser about a month or two ago, i got the answer wrong then.

i got it wrong again too.

does anyone have a very large book that they can hit me over the head with please?
Dec 31, 2005

1) roller coasters do not land "safely on the ground"

2) i thought he was like in the circuss or something
Jan 11, 2006

I liked this one, too, although I didn't think roller coaster. I instead had a vision of Jackie Chan rolling down the hill in that giant inflatable ball.... Anyone else remember that movie?!?)
Mar 09, 2006

what about a bungee cord?
Mar 12, 2006

it is amusing
Mar 20, 2006

wow, you actually put logic in when ur wrong. congratulations. i liked it, it really gets you thinking...aside from the fact that thinking is the exact point of the teaser
Apr 30, 2006

must be a fun roller coaster
May 03, 2006

I thought he went bungee jumping... But you can't "land" doing that, can you.
Jul 03, 2006

thank u.
Jul 18, 2006

I agree with mad-ade and the rest... poorly constructed.
Oct 29, 2006

gees u people r soo mean. seriously lighten up arnt we one this site to have a bit nd not critercise everyone
Nov 18, 2006

Whee! Really liked this one!
Nov 20, 2006

Nov 21, 2006

Ha ha! I loved it, but i wish it was somebody on a bungee cord...
Mar 03, 2007

I thought he was falling down the steps, but I'm not sure how "safe" that is...
May 08, 2007

loved the teaser, but at first i thought he was a trapeze person. u only said w/out a parachute! great teaser!!
Sep 25, 2007

I thought he was on the moon! Nice teaser though!
Sep 26, 2007

y r sum ov u ppl so mean?! If u dont like it and u dont hav constructive critisism then dont comment! PS:great teaser!
Oct 22, 2007

It is constructive criticism.
We're not just saying it's crap, we're saying WHY we think it's crap - big difference
Jun 02, 2010

And I'm not saying dutchymonster is a brat, I'm just saying why dutchymonster is a brat.
Jun 02, 2010

I used to think dutchymonster was nice, too. Hmmphh
Oct 22, 2011

I thought he was a ski-jumper or something.... The wording is a tad funny, but still good! More please
May 07, 2012

Six times? I would totally puke after that.
Apr 18, 2016

Good teaser. I was also thinking he was on a trampoline. I didn't understand the hint until I read the answer.

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