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The Murder

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#266
Fun:*** (2.76)
Difficulty:** (1.46)
Submitted By:Mr. GAus*****
Corrected By:cripple1315




Old Mr. Tidy was found dead in his study by Mr. Fiend. Mr. Fiend recounted his dismal discovery to the police. "I was walking by Mr. Tidy's house when I thought I would just pop in for a visit. I noticed his study light was on and I decided to peek in from the outside to see if he was in there. There was frost on the window, so I had to wipe it away to see inside. That is when I saw his body. So I kicked in the front door to confirm my suspicions of foul play. I called the police immediately afterward." The officer immediately arrested Mr. Fiend for the murder of Mr. Tidy. How did he know Mr. Fiend was lying?


Frost forms on the inside of the window, not the outside. So Mr. Fiend could not have wiped it off to discover Mr. Tidy's body.

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Feb 14, 2001

Frost forms on the outside of a window. However, there could be fog on the inside of the window, but in both cases, that means that there is no heat on in the house.
Feb 28, 2001

No, I think frost forms on the inside of a window.
Mr. GAus*
Feb 28, 2001

Yes Judey, frost DOES form on the INSIDE of windows, NOT the outside. A window can ice up from a storm on the outside, but frost, which is frozen condesation, forms on the inside where warmer air is hitting ice cold glass.
(user deleted)
Jan 21, 2002

Frost forms on the outside, condensation forms on the inside.
Mar 01, 2003

Ahh. I thought it was because if he couldn't see inside to see a person he wouldn't have seen the light
Apr 01, 2003

When you get into your car in the morning on a cold day do you wipe the frost of yourself on the inside? No because the frost forms on the OUTSIDE.
Jan 26, 2004

I thought that frost is on the outside and fog (or at least condensation) was on the inside. I agree with whoever said you don't wipe the frost off from the inside.
Jul 16, 2004

Frost forms on the inside of the window.
Jul 27, 2004

How on earth can frost form on the inside of a window when it gets colder outside than it does inside?!
Oct 31, 2004

No, they're right, now that i think about it... i just can't think of why.... -.-;;
Dec 01, 2004

Condensation and steam form on the inside of the window, not frost which does form as moisture in the air clings to and then freezes on the outside. The house would have to be freezing for frost to form on the inside!
Apr 06, 2005

all the geniuses who think that frost forms on the inside of the window need to go back to middle school or just look outside at your car on a frozen morning. So the entire teaser makes no sense because the author is one of those dumb geniuses. Also the hint is stupid, "the testimony gave it away"????.....the whole riddle is his testimony so obvious it gave it away.
May 19, 2005

Well this teaser was insanely was incorrect. I agree with everyone who says frost forms on the outside. Everyone beat me to the whole "scraping frost off your car" theory...
Jun 25, 2005

Haven't you ever wrote stuff in the frost on windows? You do it on the inside of the window. Unless I'm mistaken and that's condensation.
Jun 30, 2005

i didnt need the hint to answer this
Jul 02, 2005

uhhh....a lil more detail and since when is frost on the inside of a house!!???
Jul 29, 2005

Aug 20, 2005

all right children, calm down. frost can from on either side. frost is simply frozen condensation. water condenses on cold glass.
this can happen on both sides. the car windows only get frost on the outside because there is not much moisture in the air in the car. try having a bunch of people sit in a car just talking, and then leave the car. If its freezing out. you will get frost inside. as for the house. on old single pane windows, in a poorly heated house you can get frost inside, this is especially true when it gets really cold. Minnesota winters when its 30 below, windows frost in side.
so there
Sep 11, 2005

Thanks vikingboy! Some people are really childish. I liked this teaser.
Sep 20, 2005

In my car, frost forms on the inside
Nov 19, 2005

the actual icy frost forms outside, but it seriously fogs up the inside. he wouldnt have been able to see inside anyway. hey and plus, anyone named MR FIEND is a sure giveaway he's guilty! lol good one.
Nov 19, 2005

hey correction. didnt read vikingboy's comment. i've never actually seen frost on the inside but it makes sense it can freeze on either side if its cold enough. besides who would want to live where it got that cold anyway?! i prefer sunny tucson. lol
Dec 10, 2005

Ok right now in my life I have frost on the outside of my car- the inside windows of my house and the inside of one of my cars' windows- How is that for frost!!!
Dec 21, 2005

Alrighty then....I liked this one and I got it! I will not get into the frost debate, because as of this very moment here in Ohio it is 16 degrees wind chill and that frosted me!
Jan 03, 2006

I thought it was something to do with the door!!! Stupid me!
Jan 07, 2006

took me a minit, but i got it before reading the hint. Being a northener (and having it be winter currently) i found it cleaver yet easy, i think somone who lived in a warmer climate would have more of a challange!overeal, i give it an A
Jan 09, 2006

Chickybaby3... It must be because you are so HOT!
Mar 13, 2006

Very easy but stil cleaver!
Mar 29, 2006

Man, if I knew that fact, I would have got it.
Apr 22, 2006

duh waluigi of course u would have i was g2 submit this teaser
May 10, 2006

Does it really matter which side of the window frosts over? it's not a huge deal! frost is frost inside or out! it's not really all that great to argue about!
Geesh! newayz! GREAT teaser!
Jun 01, 2006

I got it, but at first didn't know if that was accurate
Jun 07, 2006

There should have been more clues, because not all minds can comprehend that frost forms on a certain side.
Jun 29, 2006

It kinda matters if the reason he was arrested was b/c of frost being inside...

Frost = outside
Fog = inside
Sep 10, 2006

Frost forms on the outside. Example, if you leave your car outside in the winter the windows are covered in frost. You use a window scraper on the OUTSIDE to remove the frost. Good teaser anyway
Dec 04, 2006

Frost forms on the outside of a car because the car gets cold in between uses. A house generally stays heated (although in this case since the occupent was incapacitated he could have let the fire die out).

However, frost certainly does form on the inside of house windows - the humidity outside on a cold day is usually very low, but depending on the heating system the air inside can be dry or moist. A single pane window would get frosty on the inside if there was enough humidity.

Anyway, Mr. Fiend wasn't very bright.
Jan 08, 2007

You would not nessicarily know if Mr.Fied was the suspect because there could have been frost on the outside looking in.
Feb 28, 2007

That was actually really hard (to me.) I thought what got him arrested was kicking the door open. Couldn't you get arrested for breaking and entering???
Mar 12, 2007

I immediatly got that it was frost, but my idea was that there was still frost on the window.
May 11, 2007

Very nice
Jul 19, 2007

I knew it was him from the first sentance.WHO NAMES THEIR BADGUY MR FIEND ITS LIKE FIEN.
Nov 08, 2007

Gee, I hope he isn't convicted on the basis of frost on the inside because I wasn't buying it.

I can't imagine a house so cold that frost forms on the inside instead of plain old foggy condensation.

I live in milder Oregon and have never had frost on the inside of my car windows-- outside only. My house windows do fog up on the inside on particularly cold nights when boiling stuff or after a steamy shower. But fog is not frost.

Hmmm... let's hope there was some other forensic evidence available to convict Mr. Fiend.
Nov 08, 2007

I just spoke with someone who lived in an older house in a state with cold winters (Pennsylvania) and learned that windows CAN frost on the inside.

They frost on the inside when it's particularly cold outside and warm inside.

I stand corrected! Throw Mr. Fiend the fiend in jail!
Nov 20, 2007

OMG!!! who cares the only reason anybody cares about how correct it was if if they get it wrong and ar trying to prove otherwise!! who cares if they accepted the teaser its most likely fine and even if it isnt compleatly and totally correct isnt what makes teasers fun the difficulty to solve them eighter way this teaser is a good one!
Dec 11, 2007

I thought that frost formed on the outside. No. Wait a second. It DOES form on the inside becuz I was wiping frost IN my kitchen on the INSIDE! .... I get it now....Ok very clever...
Jun 29, 2008

What a dumb riddle. You wouldn't definitely arrest someone because of such a tiny detail. So what if the frost was on the inside or the outside. I think I'd want a bit more hard evidents before arresting someone for murder.
Jul 11, 2008

Sep 10, 2008

All you wanted to know about frost on windows, but were afraid to ask.
I liked this teaser.
Nov 16, 2008

i totally forgot what frost was. so i figured he knew it was foul play when he said he suspected it.
Jun 05, 2009

If he was going to 'drop by', why would he be surprised that a light was on, and then kick the door in instead of knocking?
Jan 04, 2010

Pretty easy.
Jan 08, 2011

Also, how does he notice his study light was on if there was snow in the window? Nice teaser.
Feb 27, 2011

I didn't know frost forms on the inside. You learn something every day!
(user deleted)
Sep 10, 2011

Actually, as one who grew up in Chicago and frequently had to scrape frost off the OUTSIDE of the windows of my car, I can say with certainty from personal experience that frost does form on the outside of windows. here is a definition of "frost" from an online dictionary:
frost (frɒst)— n
1. See also hoarfrost a white deposit of ice particles, esp one formed on objects out of doors at night

Note it says "formed on objects out of doors"

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