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Train Problem

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#29277
Fun:*** (2.39)
Difficulty:** (1.77)
Submitted By:stormtrooper****
Corrected By:Winner4600




Elliot the detective heard the news of a double murder that occurred on a train.
"The driver and the conductor were on the opposite ends of the train, but both were shot at the same time", reported a policeman who was at the center of the train at the time. The policeman had heard both gunshots at the same time. The train was travelling 150 kilometers per hour. Elliot immediately realized that the driver and the conductor were not killed at the same time. How is it so?

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Mar 23, 2006

Stormtrooper enjoyed your Elliot the dumb detective teaser.
Mar 23, 2006

that was pretty easy, nice one though
Mar 23, 2006

The problem should read that the "driver and conductor were at oppiside ENDS of the train." Oppisite sides means left and right. Much different.
Mar 25, 2006

Why couldn't the policeman be the shooter? He would still hear the shots at the same time, yet wouldn't the speed of the bullets travelling in separate directions yield different death times? And yes, I agree, sides and ends are very different.
Mar 25, 2006

Mar 26, 2006

The problem (and the answer) are plain wrong. The train and the air inside it were travelling at the same speed, so sound would travel at the same rate from front or back. Imagine the same problem in a spaceship - it wouldn't matter what the external speed was. This problem would only work on open carriages where the air speed would make a difference.
Mar 30, 2006

I got it right so i guess if the question was inaccurate as everyone says i must be inaccurate too!!
Mar 30, 2006

i have heard this 1 b4 so no surprise here
Apr 02, 2006

.....coulda been worse i suppose....
Apr 05, 2006

whoa thats cool!
Apr 12, 2006

nah, i didnt like that 1, srry
Apr 13, 2006

it was a good one i actually got it
Apr 15, 2006

That was too easy. And yes, sides and ends are different. I didn't like that one too much, but nice try.
Apr 18, 2006

No offence to the person who wrote this but its true that there were faults in this teaser ope for a better one but good anyways!
Jun 02, 2006

hey it was a good riddle but it sounded like theres some geniuses here who didn't like your info
Oct 15, 2006

The are some point that need clarification, but it is a nice teaser.
The problem I see is that. although it has two murders in it, it is more likely to be a trivia or science teaser, instead of a mystery teaser.

Good one!

Nov 24, 2006

Like JohnMorr said, the answer is actually wrong.
Mar 22, 2007

How long is the train and what is meant by "the same time". Since the speed of sound is 344 m/s and say the train was 60 m long then according to the principle here it would take sound 1/10 sec to reach the centre if stationary. during this time the train has moved forward about 4 metres increasing the time by .01 sec. Can the human ear detect this time difference? I do not think the situation described here is a suitable one for illustrating this principle.
Aug 04, 2007

what a detective. he must never have made it through highschool... that's stuff you learn in middleschool lol, still, it's a good teaser all things considered
Oct 08, 2007

The 'Train problem' lives to its name... there's problems..
May 19, 2010

The last comment gives rise to a simple solution. I think too much effort goes into trying to Corrrect the Teaser creator, instead of us just enjoying the Teaser. But, you guys are correct its hard to Enjoy Errors, especially balant ones. Now, being a failure where most mathematical problems exist, I would never attempt to correct this Teaser, or any other like this teaser. I think the creator of this Teaser put him or herself on the line, just be attempting this Teaser... So, I say hurray for the Teaser creator (s). All Teaser creators must know this is a Hungry crowd, so be prepared... Fairly good teaser, in terms of entertainment.
Aug 29, 2011

I thinking something along those lines but i thought it was gonna be really complicated
Jul 11, 2013

JohnMoor is correct, as the train and everything in the train is a single system. However, the possibility for the shots being fired at different times still arises, as the sound might have bounced around a bit from one gunshot but gone straight to the policeman from the other.
Mar 27, 2014

My answer was that due to special relativity, it is impossible to know that more than one event happens at the exact same time because the time events happen are relative to the observer, what with light requiring a positive amount of time to travel, time dilation occurring with physical bodies moving relative to each other, and non-Newtonian reference frames.
Jul 23, 2016

Sound travels differently! Because of the moving vehicle the gunshot in the back would travel faster! Did I get it!? Ima check the answer
Jul 23, 2016

Agghh I checked the answer and I totally meant front first XP either way I got the gist of it

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