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Hunting in the Jungle

Trivia brain teasers have some element of trivia in them, but they are not just pure trivia questions.


Puzzle ID:#293
Fun:*** (2.8)
Difficulty:** (1.15)
Submitted By:Mr. GAus*****
Corrected By:Carlos16




Lord Fulabunk was recounting one of his many hunting expeditions to a group of colleagues. 'I was deep in a jungle, in the Congo. The air was thick and musky. Sweat dripped from my brow and my fellow hunters had already decided to give up and return to camp, but I was determined to capture our prey. Suddenly, I heard a snap of a twig from behind me. As I reeled around, I shot a huge tiger dead as it leapt to devour me! And that is how I came upon this fine trophy you see hanging on my wall here.'
'Nonsense!', cried Baron Knowital, 'Your story is nothing but a fabrication!'
How did Baron Knowital know that Lord Fulabunk's tale was false?


There are no tigers in Congo, which is in Africa. Tigers are from India.

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Sep 17, 2001

actually, not all tigers are from India, but I agree that there are no tigers in the Congo.
Mar 23, 2002

Fairly easy, but I found your character names very amusing.
Sep 01, 2004

way too easy but fun
Apr 29, 2005

Yeah, where the heck do people come up w/ such weird names But yes, these ones where someone is being called a liar for one reason or another are a bit too easy. Even if you don't know the facts, you can assume that tigars don't live where he claims he shot one.
Apr 29, 2005

hey "TELL" I like your name, it took me a second but like you, I'm a bit slow.
Oct 01, 2005

I had fun with this one, good job.
Nov 11, 2005

Hint gave it all away!!
Feb 07, 2006

Basic knowkedge gave it away.
Feb 07, 2006

Feb 24, 2006

i guessed.....and i got it right!
thank you for that awesome teaser!
Mar 03, 2006

Easy, but well written and enjoyable. GOOD JOB!
May 21, 2006

But i thought...
May 22, 2006

thank god for hints...
Jun 10, 2006

tigers don't come from just india! they come from all sorts of places and i am pretty sure they come from Africa too. they come from siberia too.
Jun 12, 2006

i thought that there wasn't a bullet hole or somthing
great teaser!
Jun 25, 2006

No, there are no Tigers in Africa. I think, but am not sure, that there once were, but they went extinct?

Yeah, the hint gave it away. Enjoyed reading the story, though.
Jul 28, 2006

i thought the giveaway was the snapping branch. If there is a lot of humidity and dead branch won't snap!
Aug 13, 2006

Good One. The realm of the striped great cat includes forests, grasslands, and swamps in eastern Russia, South Asia, Sumatra, and a few small parts of China.
Aug 31, 2006

You forgot Siberia.
Nov 26, 2006

Apr 28, 2007

got it from a book
Feb 07, 2011

Thank you OldChinaHand for tiger habitats. stormtrooper, Siberia is in Russia.
Just for fun: tigers are the largest cats.
Mar 09, 2011

The hint made the teaser way easy.
good teaser though.
Jan 23, 2015

The hint was too much, but good teaser otherwise.

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