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Shot Down

Trick brain teasers appear difficult at first, but they have a trick that makes them really easy.


Puzzle ID:#30206
Fun:*** (2.57)
Difficulty:*** (2.19)
Submitted By:Ouchy1*us****




A man was flying overhead in a hot air balloon, when suddenly someone from below took a shot, which then went through HIS basket. The man simply smiled, and continued to fly along, without filing any lawsuits or such.

What is the cause of such strange behavior?

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May 01, 2006

May 01, 2006

thats it
May 01, 2006

i thought it was that the guy on the ground was drinkin out of a shot glass?!?!!!!!
May 01, 2006

I thought it was pretty obvious, but the teaser itself was okay so I gave it half a star.
May 01, 2006

Golly, it sounded to me that this guy below was in a basket and took a shot of alcohol
May 02, 2006

I admitt it, i didnt' get it at all until i peacked at the answer! it stumped me i was thinking way to hard!
May 03, 2006

hey not the best!!!!!!!! BUT strange I thought It was a gun and it shot it in his basket but i reread and got it i was wrong again
May 04, 2006

Um....ok. However, what does the man in the hot air balloon owning the basketball court have anything to do with the answer?

The teaser person below the man shot through his own basket.
May 05, 2006

Oh, now i get it!
its HIS basket cuz he owns the basket ball court! wow, that took a while. . .
May 07, 2006

I had the air balloon with a clear bottom (like a glass bottom boat) and the person below shot a picture. I know, too lame! Cute teaser.
May 07, 2006

That wasn't the Answer I was expecting!!!!!!!
May 10, 2006

Hm..Good, I guess, but I didn't like it.
May 10, 2006

i thought that the person with that shot, shot it through his own basket. the wording, and the fact that HIS is capitalized through me off
May 11, 2006

I agree with the above. You should more clearly site your pronouns next time.
May 13, 2006

good one, very clever even tho i didnt get it
May 14, 2006

Sorry Chief, this onebelongs in the "Situation" category, not the "Trick" category. There is nothing in the story that makes any connection to basketball. 'Tain't fair!
May 14, 2006

May 15, 2006

i thought he shot the basket as in an arrow! weird, but ok.
May 25, 2006

Very cute! Good one!
May 26, 2006

ya got me on that 'un
Jun 10, 2006

interesting. i usually have to think about the trick teasers for a while, but this one just jumped out at me! Great one, though!
Jun 10, 2006

that was dumb
Jun 10, 2006

no offence
Jun 14, 2006

umm...yeah i just dont think that was any good
Jun 16, 2006

Good, the hot air balloon messed me up. It was his basket cuz he owned it,,HAHA
Jun 19, 2006

i liked that one
Sep 30, 2006

Actually, someone in my own family pulled this on many of our friends, on a particular day. But, this is a totally Awesome teaser to pull on anyone, though. Keep those gears a rolling, the tricks are getting better.
Dec 08, 2006

clever. my theory was a photographer.
Jan 15, 2008

NOW i see why you capitalized HIS
Nov 04, 2008

Oh. I thought that there was just a small hole in the hot air balloon's basket (not the balloon part) and yeah... :p

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