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Birbal the Wise - XIII

Situation puzzles (sometimes called lateral thinking puzzles) are ones where you need to ask lots of yes or no questions to figure out what happened in the situation. These are good puzzles for groups where one person knows the puzzle and answers the questions.


Puzzle ID:#31605
Fun:*** (3.1)
Difficulty:** (1.81)
Submitted By:Swordoffury1392*us******




Emperor Akbar once ruled over India. He was a wise and intelligent ruler, and he had in his court the Nine Gems, his nine advisors, who were each known for a particular skill. One of these Gems was Birbal, known for his wit and wisdom. The story below is one of the examples of his wit. Do you have it in you to find out the answer?

One day, a dishonest, one-eyed man wanted to punish Birbal. He accused him of stealing his 24 karat gold necklace and reported this theft to the police. The case was brought to the high court where the judge knew Birbal very well, and he also knew that he was not a thief. So, he asked the man, "What makes you think that Birbal stole your necklace?"

"Your Honor, with my own one eye, I saw him stealing the necklace," the man swiftly replied. Then he stated, "If he is innocent, let him prove it. Allow me to bring a hot iron, and if he can hold it in his bare hands, then I will be satisfied that he didn't take my necklace and isn't lying to me."

A confused Birbal said, "You mean that if I'm telling the truth, I will not burn my hands with that red hot iron?"

"Of course not! God will then protect you," the man strongly declared in front of a nodding crowd.

It would seem as if Birbal couldn't do anything but hold the red hot iron which would undoubtedly burn him whether he was telling the truth or lying. However, he came up with another one of his witty replies on the spot.

Can you guess what he said?

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Jul 07, 2006

Birbal, you are so clever!
Jul 07, 2006

ERROR DETECTED. Birbal is very wise but I'm pretty sure the indian culture has more than one god and therefore, would not call one of their gods, "god."
Jul 07, 2006

Jul 07, 2006

Regardless of how many gods the Indian culture has, it was still a great teaser!
Jul 08, 2006

Moving from strength to further strength, the collaboration now had 13 teasers under it's belt! Yay! Good job
Jul 08, 2006

Mystik, you are right, we do have more than one God, but in general we do use the term "Oh God" to mean God in general, probably in a bid to call out whoever is listening at that point of time!
Jul 08, 2006

ur from india brainster?... anyway great teaser
Jul 10, 2006

Well, basketball101 person (sry I dunno ur name!), I AM Indian, and I have heard a lot of Birba's wit and wisdom, so this was pretty esy for me.
Jul 10, 2006

Well, basketball101 person (sry I dunno ur name!), I AM Indian, and I have heard a lot of Birbal's wit and wisdom, so this was pretty esy for me.
Jul 13, 2006

How is it that the accuser was let off with a lame "Well, I will search my house again," when he had testified (presumably under oath)
"Your Honor, with my own one eye, I saw him stealing the necklace," Seems to me we have an open and shut case of perjury here, No?
Aug 16, 2006

That was a great teaser
Oct 16, 2006

clever, but pretty easy.
Oct 31, 2006

Once again Birbal the wise has taught us all something!
Dec 30, 2006

Good one

whitch # was this again?
Mar 19, 2007

i think i am wise because i would have told he if you saw me take it then why do i have to hold the hot rod to prove to YOU that i did not take it. i mean you did see me with your one eye right.
Apr 08, 2007

I thought the answer would be 'first, put the hot rod on your own eye to prove that it did not decieve you'. But either or...
May 16, 2007

Wow... Different people write the birbals! Omg!

Still, I love these. Maybe I'll end up writing Birbal C...
May 21, 2007

I got it but it was fun!!!!!

Apr 17, 2008

These are fun...
Jun 04, 2008

Is everyone in that kingdom an idiot? I got the answer by the way. This one was a little better than the other Birbals...not by much though. I'll give it a thumb up!
Jun 18, 2008

easy..but fun
Jul 18, 2008

Love all the Birbals This is the first one i've got though - couldn't believe they were by different ppls!

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