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What Time Is It?

Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#33012
Fun:*** (2.54)
Difficulty:* (0.89)
Submitted By:vbguy101*us****!




In the year 2100, a family went out into space for a vacation exactly one light-minute away from home. They used an advanced telescope to look at their clock. The child, Sam, was so exact at time. If it's 9:59, he stays up one minute until ten. One night, Sam looked through the telescope and saw the clock showed 9:59. But his dad said it was ten and he had to go to sleep. How is that possible?

The clock back at home was their ONLY time source.

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Sep 14, 2006

Good wording! I can enjoy puzzles similar to this one. Keep them coming and add a few more tricks to them.
Sep 14, 2006

Liked it a lot!!!
Sep 15, 2006

A bit easy... thanks for the morning tease.
Sep 15, 2006

Liked it a lot. Make some more like this one.
Sep 22, 2006

Sep 25, 2006

Got a trick teaser coming on, "The Flag". It's pretty interesting. Check it out.

Once it gets accepted!
Sep 29, 2006

Well, you won't be seeing it...

it got rejected

As of 9/29/06
Oct 14, 2006

I think you could have worded it so that you didn't outright say "light minute." Of course, if your intention was to make it simpler, then I take that back.
Oct 18, 2006

Kinda easy.
Oct 19, 2006

Try to reword the teasers so they don't make the clues so obvious. Keep trying.
Oct 19, 2006

I thought it was a great way to introduce the effect of light travel! Good Job!
Oct 31, 2006

Rather obvious and simple.
(user deleted)
Nov 03, 2006

,,,,=^..^=,,,,? (='.'=)?
Dec 05, 2006

I think I solved this twelve light-seconds before I read it.
Dec 11, 2006

this was easy... thanks
Dec 24, 2006

COOL! Keep up the good work!
Jan 04, 2007

that was cool i got it but it took more then a sec
Mar 05, 2007

very easy but nice story
Mar 09, 2007

My eighth grade science teacher told us a story like this, something to the effect of "If aliens, 250 light-years away, looked at Earth through a telescope, they would see the American Revolution."

This sparked my question (which was never answered), "If these aliens had advanced spaceships that could travel at 99.99% of the speed of light (because nothing can travel at the speed of light) directly toward Earth, while maintaining a view of Earth's surface in their special telescope, would they see time on Earth passing a twice (199.99%) of normal speed?" This creates a paradox (he told me) because light cannot travel faster than the speed of light. Maybe someone smart here can help me.
Apr 15, 2007

I think it has something to do with that Einstein's stuff.
Jun 10, 2007

Yeah, Einstein's law of relativity. I know it has all the complicated symbols that hopefully I'll understand someday, but basically, all it states is that if you move fast enough, everything will appear as if it's standing still (hard to explain here), and is...standing still. Uuuuh...hmmmm...but if it took know time at all to go one light minute away...errrr...but did they travel forward in time in that light minute? Argh!!!

P.S. Has anyone seen that old Superman movie where Superman find Lois Lane dead, and he circles the earth really fast to go back in time?
Jun 10, 2007

*No, not know. Sorry for the double post.

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