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The Case of the Missing Ice Cream Sandwich

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#34467
Fun:*** (2.91)
Difficulty:*** (2.27)
Submitted By:calmsaviorAus******




Earl and Joe are best friends, who secretly sent encrypted messages to each other ever since they were little. Now they're both in college, and Earl had aced his midterm on cryptology.

Joe congratulated Earl by buying him a Neapolitan ice cream sandwich (Joe couldn't afford much), hid the sandwich somewhere in Joe's house, and he later encrypted, on a piece of paper, where he hid the sandwich. Soon after Joe hid the sandwich, he realized he placed the sandwich near the sun, meaning that he'd better relocate it, otherwise the sandwich would melt.

Unfortunately, Joe, being extremely forgetful, had misplaced the sandwich and forgot where he put it. He still had the encryption note in his hand, and so he turned to his best friend Earl to solve it.

"I was gonna give you this later, but you gotta hurry now and find the ice cream I got you, otherwise it'll melt."

The note said this:

T embrace embrace pound embrace kiss

Where did he hide the ice cream sandwich?


"Pound" is not referring to the verb or money, but rather the measurement.

Also, pound is the only word not being encrypted for one letter.


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Dec 27, 2006

Yay, first to comment!

That was a little hard, but very, very brilliant. I loved it and am looking forward to the next one! You're very creative!
Dec 28, 2006

This was very unique and fun! Loved it!

I had always thought the Xs were hugs and the Os the kisses. When I had TXXLBXO it was obvious it should be the other way around. Os are like puckered lips. Xs are like two lines hugging each other.

Jan 04, 2007

4 pound, i got # instead of lb. so i had TOO#OX... good teaser tho
Jan 12, 2007

Its lame...
Jan 13, 2007

i liked it. good job!
Jan 14, 2007

ha i got it this was da 1st one dat i got
Jan 17, 2007

This was awesome! Made me want an ice cream sandwhich too! Lol.
Jan 18, 2007

Fantabulous! This was my first time doing a logic teaser. Great one. I didn't look at the hint so I too had # for pound but after I was looking at T-O-O-# O-X it was pretty easy to figure out what was missing. So fun tho! Great job!
Feb 14, 2007

Was not able to get it because i did not know what to do. I thought the sentence meant something, instead of the words representing letters. I know better next tim ethough. Thanks!
Apr 03, 2007

great teaser
Apr 03, 2007

Hey, um, isn't this in the wrong category? This seems like it belongs in the cryptography section of the website .
Apr 17, 2007

Very clever.
Apr 23, 2007

another fun one !!! encore!
Oct 07, 2007

Dec 20, 2010

I loved it! I love teasers that have stories in them. Keep up the good work!

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