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Twins And Their Boyfriends

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#34921
Fun:*** (3)
Difficulty:*** (2.19)
Submitted By:scallioAus******!




A couple with teenage, twin daughters was finding it difficult to keep track of their daughters' dating lives. Kiri, who was sweeter and quieter than Kaylie, was dating a football running back named Jared. Kaylie, who was rather wild, was currently dating a drummer named Dave. Dave drove a small, black car with white fangs painted on the side, had a nose ring and always sported several henna tattoos. Although clean-cut Jared, who dressed more conservatively, seemed like a nice boy, their parents were still cautious. They were ever vigilant about who was coming and/or going. The rule was: no boys in the house when Mom and Dad aren't home.

One rainy afternoon, the parents went to the mall for some shopping. Upon returning, they found evidence that a boy had been in the house while they were out. Three glasses, with just the ice left in them, sat on the kitchen counter. The parents assumed two of the glasses belonged to their twins and set about discovering whom the third glass belonged to.

When they queried their daughters, each denied that their boyfriend had been over, so Mom and Dad called up Jared and Dave on their cell phones and asked them to come over for a talk.

After the boys parked and entered, Mom asked them to sit at the kitchen table for a little visit. Thus began her interrogation. She asked each in turn if they had been over while the girls were alone. Each replied no. Dave, dressed all in black, said he had been at the library studying for over two hours. The library was only a few blocks away, but he insisted he had a lot of studying to do and was too busy to come over. She noted that he was not wet from the rain, but that didn't prove anything as he could have driven. On the other hand, he offered his completed homework as evidence that he was telling the truth.

Jared's explanation was that he had been over an hour away in Dawson picking up a load of hay from his brother. They had tossed around the pig skin in the front yard for a bit before he headed back. He was only just arriving back in town when he received their call. Sure enough, in the back of his red truck, was a large stack of bales, barely visible beneath a blue tarp. That certainly lent credibility to his explanation. His fleece sweatshirt, with his number 22 on it was dry, but then it could have dried during the drive back.

By that time, Dad had come in the house and was listening to their explanations. He had been studying each boy carefully, pausing only a moment when he spotted Dave's tattoo of a centaur. Nothing seemed noteworthy. He waited patiently until the boys had finished their explanations and then accused one of them of being in his house while he had been out. Who did he accuse and why?

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Jan 18, 2007

coming from a farming town, I will say that now a days, loading hay isn't that messy of a job. You really don't have the old hay bales as much. Many farmers now roll the hay into big rolls that are loaded onto the truck with the tractor.
Beyond that, since it was raining, maybe he took off his shirt while they loaded hay and threw the football around.

That being said, thanks for the teaser!
Jan 20, 2007

Nice one we haven't had a mystery for a while and this one was really good
Jan 25, 2007

I hadn't seen any mystery teasers posted in a while, so decided to try my hand at it. I wasn't sure if I was making the answer too obvious, and it was rather challenging for me to come up with a story and solution. I didn't realize that loading hay had become a cleaner job!
Jan 26, 2007

tough, tough...
Jan 29, 2007

I'll admit that I tossed out the fleece and hay clue cuz I figured he just put the fleece on after loading the hay. But after the hint I was sure that was it. Without that it was pretty tough. Great job!
Feb 13, 2007

I got this one right on a guess and
only because to me it was the only one that made sense. And no i didn't look at the hint.
Feb 17, 2007

Did I miss something? Where does it indicate that the sweatshirt was "clean"?
Feb 17, 2007

Feb 23, 2007

In the last paragraph Dad studied each boy carefully: "Nothing seemed noteworthy."
Dad would have noticed hay stuck to him. I didn't want to make it too obvious. Where's the fun in that?!

I have identical twin daughters who will turn 7 next week. I am not looking forward to being in situations like this!
Mar 02, 2007

this was a tricky one good teaser and great ending and explanation
Mar 03, 2007

This one was really fun! It made me think but once I got the answer it was obvious! I like solving mysteries like that so this one was perfect for me! Thanks for the great teaser!
Mar 04, 2007

good one.
Mar 07, 2007

Tricky! Tricky Tricky!
Mar 12, 2007

That one was pretty easy. I don't see why it had to be twins though...
Mar 19, 2007

Also, you can't bale hay in the rain too well...... , but I guess they could have been rushing to get the hay out of the rain before it was a downpour or something...
Mar 28, 2007

My son could not figure it out
Apr 01, 2007

I like
Apr 23, 2007

Lol. Kewl. I got it too! =).
Apr 23, 2007

I thought it was Dave because it said earlier that he had henna tattoos and you're not supposed to get then wet for a certain amount of time, so I thought maybe he noticed it because the ink was running.
May 01, 2007

I hit on Jared, not because he didn't have hay on his front, but more because the idea of hay baling in the rain, and then hanging out to idly toss a football back and forth in the rain...that was a little too much for me to swallow!
May 17, 2007

HeHe that was a good one. I would have thought it was the one that was at the library. But the football player is a good asumpion 2.
May 18, 2007

Tricky! I should have read closer and maybe I would have gotten it . The tattoo threw me off. I thought ahaa! the tattoo was probably running. When what you actually said was "nothing was noteworthy" Tricky tricky tricky. Great job!
May 30, 2007

that was to easy!!!
Jun 01, 2007

Jun 25, 2007

me likey
Aug 15, 2007

I was thinking about the truck, but didn't get the part about the hay... that's some smart thinkin
Aug 25, 2007

GREAT QUIZ!! I KNEW it was Jared!!!!!
Aug 26, 2007

I also guessed Jared, but for the wrong reason. I surmised the baling hay and football made him thirsty,hence the iced beverage.
Sep 08, 2007

well i thought that jarred & dave had swiched places
Nov 15, 2007

I KNEW it was Dave! Oh, wait...
Nov 23, 2007

this was cool!! keep em coming!
Jan 21, 2008

Tricky. I thought it was Jared, because he was the last one the parents would suspect; clean-cut and nice, but I only realized why as I started reading the answer. Really good teaser.
Jan 26, 2008

i like that 1...i keep leaving it alone until i 4get the answer then i go back and read it again
Jun 27, 2008

"Not Bad!", SourDough says "Not bad at all!"

Teenage daughters??? So happy they're finally married to them boys which done drove me crazy!

Jul 23, 2008

Good teaser! I have a two year old daughter and another daughter on the way...I hope my wife and I will be that smart!
Jul 30, 2008

I don't think hay on a sweatshirt would be noteworthy given Jared's alibi.
Aug 19, 2008

not too bad....
Mar 10, 2010

I was raised on a farm and we never bailled hay in the rain. Big give-away to all of us who live and/or grew up on farms.Good teaser. And the teaser says that Dave has a small car and a BIG dry spot was in their driveway.
Aug 11, 2010

well written--plenty of pointless clues, like the rain, were given a lot of time..well done!!
May 14, 2011

I think it was a bit obvious. Now, we know one would probably make the good boy be good and the bad boy be bad, so you swaped them. This is where after simply reading the descriptions it was the "good" boy.
Sep 29, 2012

Good teaser. Feel very lucky that my parents aren't THAT cautious.
Apr 08, 2015

Wouldn't a lack of hay be noteworthy about the appearance of someone who got hay?

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