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Pandora's Boxes

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#36005
Fun:*** (2.78)
Difficulty:** (1.46)
Submitted By:AngelliAph****!




Once upon a time, there was a girl named Pandora, who wanted a bright groom so she made up a few logic problems for the wannabes.

Based upon the inscriptions on the boxes (only one is true) Choose one box where the wedding ring is hidden.

Gold Box: The ring is in this box.

Silver Box: The ring is not in this box.

Lead Box: The ring is not in the gold box.

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Apr 02, 2007

huh wa shuh????
i dont get it...
NEWAY i liked staring at it...
Apr 02, 2007

Very clever and I really enjoyed doing this one!
Apr 02, 2007

I dont get this one because where does it say that the only one that is right is in the lead box???
Apr 03, 2007

using the grid method and assuming that one question is right then the other two should be false. however, for all three scenarios the silver box statement was true.
Apr 04, 2007

Well, you lost me on that one!
Apr 05, 2007

Loved it!
A very fine teaser and sure to find her an intelligent husband!
Apr 07, 2007

Great teaser; works out fine because:

Gold says it is in the box, this is FALSE because it is not in the box.
Silver says is is not in box. This is FALSE because the ring is in the siler box.
Lead says in is not in gold box. This is TRUE because the ring is in the silver box, not in the gold box.
Therefore - only the LEAD box is TRUE!!!

Great puzzler - loved it (made me think it through 2x because I kept getting lost in my head. ) I finally had to put it on a scorecard to keep up. Thanks for the fun!
Apr 07, 2007

Pretty easy, good teaser!!
Apr 23, 2007

I loved it, though this kind of teaser is VERY easy for me. =).
May 26, 2007

Pretty easy, but that's what I was hoping for. It wasn't so easy that it was boring or so hard it hurt my brain.
Jun 16, 2007

WHAT? wouldn't it be in the lead box because the silver and gold box r tell wear it is not and is plus the lead box only says its not in the gold box and not saying its not in its box, its in the box..... so I think the anwser should be that the ring is in the lead box....
Feb 26, 2011

Well since lead is true and silver and gold are false, the silver states that it is NOT in the silver box, if it were false then it actually states it is in the silver box.
-------------If it were in the lead box, then the silver would have to be true, thus lead is false and gold is true, though only one is true and silver is already true. If gold was false then lead would be true.-----------If it were in the gold box then gold would be true and the others would be false. Since silver would be false it would state that it's in the silver box too, though there is only one ring.------------To put it in a simple way, since lead and gold are opposites, then one of them has to be true. If one of them were true then it means silver would be false and it would have to be in the silver box. Since it's not in the gold box, the gold is false and the lead is true.

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