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What Key(s) Do I Press!?

Trivia brain teasers have some element of trivia in them, but they are not just pure trivia questions.


Puzzle ID:#36517
Fun:*** (2.8)
Difficulty:** (1.96)
Submitted By:soccer_chick70Aus*****
Corrected By:BlackBelt




Jenny called a toll free customer service line about a bouncy ball that wouldn't bounce. The prerecorded voice gave instructions.

"For Spanish, press 1;
for Portuguese, press 2;
for French, press 3;
for Swedish, press 4;
for Norwegian, press 5;
for Finnish, press 6;
for Bantu, press 7;
for Italian, press 8;
for Russian, press 9;
for Ukrainian, press 0;
for English press octothorpe."

Confused and frustrated, Jenny hung up. When her brother Benny asked what was wrong, she told him, "They went through all the languages, and all except English had a number. For English I was asked to press octothorpe!"

Benny smiled and enlightened his sister. Jenny grinned from ear to ear and called back. This time, she got to the English section of the phone tree. What key or series of keys did she press?


The pound (#) key. This is also less commonly known as the octothorpe.

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May 05, 2007

Haha - I guessed it right but I didn't actually know the answer. In Australia we call it the "hash" key.
May 05, 2007

pound, octothorpe, hash...

life is so confusing!!

May 05, 2007

In the U.S., it's also sometimes known as the numeric sign -- as in #3 for instance.
May 06, 2007

good one.
for you trivia buffs, here's a site with way too much info on the#
May 06, 2007

Great quiz.
May 06, 2007

oooooo i thought you actually type it in on the phone nice one you got me
May 07, 2007

It is a good piece of trivia - also a great crossword or scrabble word.
May 07, 2007

I knew it was the #.
May 07, 2007

Ooooh...hurt head.
May 11, 2007

I thought it was 8 something...
May 17, 2007

lol I'm with oddrey on this one. I definitley call it pound. But I did guess the * for this one. Wrong but close
Jun 01, 2007

That would never happen though...
If someone only spoke Russian (as an example) how would they know to press whatever number if they cant understand English?

good teaser though
Jun 10, 2007

I knew what octo was, but no thorpe, so I went to What the heck does and athlete or science have to do with a phone? If you were here at the time you would've seen me frantically clicking "show answer". But I stilled liked the teaser, new trivia I can stump people with, muhahaha!
Jun 10, 2007

No=not, and=an, and stilled=still. Sorry
Jun 20, 2007

? ? good teaser
Jun 21, 2007

wow that was easy!
Jun 21, 2007

Jul 04, 2007

I'm gonna use that!!
Jul 05, 2007

yes.... the has key.......
woah! anyway good teaser preety eassy but fun
Jul 20, 2007

I just got it right by guessing based on the keys on a telephone. Great piece of trivia!

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