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A Fishy Sailor

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#43432
Fun:*** (2.62)
Difficulty:** (1.44)
Submitted By:TRILLIONAIRE*us*****




The First Mate of the Jolly Rancher cargo ship announces to the crew that the Captain was found murdered in his bunk that morning. The First Mate knows that none of the loyal crewmen would do such a thing. He narrows his suspects down to the four newest crew members, each claiming to be an expert and experienced sailor. The First Mate questions each of the sailors about the murder.

From the responses, determine which sailor is the most suspicious.

Sailor 1: "Aye, I had jus' finish'd a 12 hour watch astern. Didn't hear a thing."
Sailor 2: "I was busy cleanin' the bathroom 't the front of 'r ship. Don't know nothin'."
Sailor 3: "I was 't the starboard side paintin' the hull, mindin' me own business last night."
Sailor 4: "I 's below the deck las'night securin' some cargo."

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Oct 27, 2008

I figured it was #2 - my assumption being the bathroom would be at the back of the ship to get flushed out. Though I guess that's fairly archaic thinking (all my nautical information is from fantasy books, what can I say!).
Oct 27, 2008

Erm, make that "I thought the HEAD would be at the back...."
Oct 28, 2008

I originally thought it was #1, as watch cycles are 4 hours and not 12, but #2 clearly had more non-nautical terms.
Oct 28, 2008

Nice teaser trill! Short and sweet.
Oct 28, 2008

That one was too easy. It was obvious that pirates dont say front or bathroom.
Nov 01, 2008

It could also be 3 because how does he know it happened last night?
Nov 02, 2008

The hint gave it to me. without that, I probably would never have gotten it. Never mind probably, I definitely wouldn't have figured it out. Good teaser. Thanks for posting.
Nov 11, 2008

lol i wasnt paying attention. i figured it was 4 cause he didnt say he didnt know anything
Nov 20, 2008

I fail to see where a lack of vocabulary would make him the murderer. At most it only proves that he may not be as experienced as he led everone to believe. It doesn't necessarily mean that he wasn't still doing what he said he was.
Dec 14, 2008

it was O.K
a bit confusing

Dec 14, 2008

i didnt know if they were out at sea so i thought it would be three cause how can you paint the hull when the ship is in the water
Dec 15, 2008

Short and sweet) Actually, all four crewmen were suspicious. The Hull, Front of the ship, Painting a night, guarding merchandise. I enjoy the brevity of the Teaser, which included a proper beginning, course ending and simplistic middle. all elements of a plot, a ploy , a story. Good Teaser.
Mar 14, 2009

Easy but pretty fun ^_^
Mar 21, 2009

Pretty easy, but still funny and interesting.
Apr 29, 2009

That teaser was a level three? Wow. It was kind of easy, and I did get it right, but I actually think that number three would have been a better choice......
Aug 19, 2009

The "bathroom stuck out to me. That was easy.
Jan 02, 2010

well they may be lying about being experienced, but that doesn't necessary make them suspicious right?
Oct 01, 2010

Very easy but fun !
Dec 27, 2010

i kinda got it without the hint...
Feb 21, 2013

Now I feel stupid. Nice teaser!
Apr 25, 2015

I thought it was sailor 3 cos who would paint at night?

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