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Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#4392
Fun:*** (2.39)
Difficulty:** (1.42)
Submitted By:Mogmatt16Ava****!!
Corrected By:4demo




Assume you have hooked up a video camera to a TV so that if you aim the camera at something, it will show up on the TV. Assume you aim the camera right at the TV What will appear in the TV?

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Jun 06, 2002

I forgot to add to the answer "Because no matter how fast the signal is, it is not instatanious.
Jun 07, 2002

How interesting would it be to watch this in slow motion?! I think TV cameras take pictures at 30 frames per second (I'm not sure) and if you had a huge TV, you could watch the frames being built up. Or maybe you could do this with a web cam? They have a lower refresh rate? (But a lower resolution)
Interesting anyway
Jun 19, 2002

It is like placing two mirrors facing each other. Whatever is inbetween them is transposed infinitely in each mirror, growing more and more distant until you cannot even see it. The concept is the same. And the frame rate wouldn't do a bit of good. You're dealing with the speed of light here. Meter/nanosecond. It would instantly appear to be infinite images.
Jul 11, 2002

That last comment is absolutely incorrect. The frame rate does slow things down.. it is true that you are dealing with the speed of light (2.99E8m/s or 0.299 m/ns), but depending how fast the electronics involved are, a significant bottleneck does build up.. Try it with a webcam and your pc monitor sometime, if you don't believe me (and are prepared to be mesmerized and lose hours or days when you could be doing something else...)
Aug 04, 2002

when i did this, i had two lights on and i basically saw a blue screen with a whole bunch of tv's and the two light's production.
(user deleted)
Aug 14, 2002

Very interesting theoretical answer, but nothing can substitute actual experimental evidence. In practice, the frame of the tv screen will appaear for a while with a blue or white blob in the center. It's the video equivalent of feedback, thus and since white is a combination of all the colors in the visual spectrum, it is prduced when the video is looped just like the audio gets louder and louder in a feedback loop. Blue is just the source's misrepresentation of white, or the camrea's off-balance
Aug 28, 2002

100% origional!
Jul 19, 2010

Wow, I wondered about this several times long before I found this. I came up with an answer, which I now know is correct.

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