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Bank Robbery

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#44256
Fun:*** (2.72)
Difficulty:* (1.06)
Submitted By:dancingd3Aus****




Word was just passed to the San Diego Police Department that a local bank has been robbed. Detective Schwarze and Officers Oaken and Truscott have been sent to the scene. Detective Schwarze believes the thief hasn't gone far, and decides to search the area. They search Nicole's Laundromat, however are unsuccessful. They then search Broadway Grill, a diner, but once again, find nothing. The next closest building is Dave's Digital Photos. They go inside, talk to the owner, and are able to look around. After finding nothing, they come across a small closet in the back of the building. When Detective Schwarze asks to look inside, the owner says, "I would, but that is my darkroom, where the pictures develop. If you open the door and let light in, it will ruin all the pictures." Detective responds, "Okay, but we'll now have to arrest you. You are the bank robber, and the money is hidden in this building." Where is the money, and how did Detective Schwarze know?

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Mar 16, 2009

Really cool! I guessed it was in the 'dark room'.

Yay for mysteries!
Mar 16, 2009

Got this one right off, but it was still fun to read well done
Mar 17, 2009

Nice going
Mar 17, 2009

It helps that my fiance is a digital photographer. The guys at camera club will love this.
Mar 18, 2009

The whole "Dark Room" thing didn't click with me. But I figured it out anyway. Good teaser.
Mar 19, 2009

Good Teaser, answer was easy, I guess one do not need a Dark Room for a Digital Photography. First answer I solve correctly, in a long time.
Mar 20, 2009

it was easy you dont need a darkroom
Mar 20, 2009

it was easy you dont need a darkroom
Mar 21, 2009

I missed the "digital" part, but if he put the film to develop, how could he leave the darkroom without ruining it?
Mar 27, 2009

easy, but a good one. i liked it.
Mar 27, 2009

Good teaser, I got it, but was thinking like RebelAir
Apr 03, 2009

Well, RebelAir, thats exactly it. Another reason that PROVES its not a darkroom, but a closet he used to stash the money. That supports the teaser, it doesn't poke holes in it.
Apr 20, 2009

Took me a sec, but I got it. Cool.
Apr 20, 2009

was easy but fun
May 13, 2009

Actually, Rebelaire and DancingD, once you develop the film (in the darkroom) there is no danger that a little light will damage the resulting negatives. But that as has little to do with the point of the teaser as Reb's question about leaving the darkroom. Medium Decent teaser featuring photography from the Dark Ages! (Pun intended!)
May 14, 2009

haha. i didnt know that. thanks!
May 22, 2009

I feel old. In today's world there are fewer camera shops that develop film. Film does still exist. However, arresting the owner for robbery can be incorrect. Aiding and abbetting could be charged when you open the door and find a bank robber with the cash. More distraction is needed by having other suspects at the other locations.
May 22, 2009

I forgot to mention that just because it's a Digital Camera store it doesn't mean that it wouldn't still do (old) film. I liked this one as well but us old folk caught that one right away. Think about it also, if it is a darkroom that would be the best place to hide a robber. But first remove some of the robbers cash from the owners pocket since he likely got paid to hide the robber.
May 31, 2009

yeah.. it was my first teaser, so there are some holes..
Jun 08, 2009

Jun 16, 2009

Ugh-I feel so dumb for not seeing that! I obviously need to pay more attention to what I read . Great teaser, by the way!
Jun 19, 2009

Too eASY
Jul 07, 2009

Way too ez but pretty good
Jul 14, 2009

LOL The officers are the last names of people from Hannah Montana xD
Jul 15, 2009

Guess whos back!!! hey this is really cool!!!!
Aug 10, 2009

ya they r from hannah montana. i didnt kno what else to name them!
Nov 14, 2009

Stumped me!
This is one of those that you have no idea, you get the answer, and you realize the answer is so obvious!
Nov 17, 2009

Yes! I got it!!
Nov 21, 2009

I got it,I am better than me gma! hahazzzzzzz
Jan 06, 2010

A bit easy but fun all the same.
Thank you!
Jan 08, 2010

wow I totally missed the digital part lol
Mar 19, 2010

I had a different answer. I was thinking how did the owner get out of the darkroom without opening the door and letting in light? Or how was he going to get back in?
Mar 27, 2010

Good one. Thanks for posting.
May 04, 2010

really cool.. I got it yay!
Sep 23, 2010

Nice teaser, and makes me feel REALLY clever!
(user deleted)
Apr 14, 2011

Jul 14, 2012

I completely overlooked the 'digital' but still thought the dark room was a lame excuse. The photographer would have to be able to enter the dark room, thus opening the door.
Jul 09, 2013

dancing d3 nice one u got me there
Jul 09, 2013

dancing d3 nice one u got me there

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