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The Experiment

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#45106
Fun:*** (2.32)
Difficulty:*** (2.29)
Submitted By:solarsistim321*us******
Corrected By:cnmne




Three human subjects underwent an experiment. They were each given one letter that could be found in the following words:

The, fit, lid, bet, and big.

If all three put their letters together, they would be able to spell one of the words above. However, the letter they were given could not be shared with any of the other four. They were all in the same room when a woman came through the door and sat down in front of them. She asked the first patient if he knew the what the word was that could be spelled using all three of the letters. He said yes. She then asked the other two patients and they both said yes.

What was the word and how did all three know having only one letter and not knowing the other two?

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Aug 20, 2009

Hmmm...I thought:
Patient 1 had 'd' and knew it was 'lid'
Patient 2 had i, and knowing that Patient 1 had 'd' (otherwise he wouldn't have known the word) it had to be 'lid'
Patient 3 had 'l' so obviously knew the word was 'lid'

Aug 20, 2009

sorry - had 2 & 3 mixed up, thought 2 had 'd' and 3 had 'i'...anyway, good puzzle!
Aug 20, 2009

very good teaser got #1 wrong oh well
Aug 24, 2009

Woah, I completely missed the word 'The' in the sentence!!

I've seen a teaser like this before, they're hard to solve if you don't know the strategy

Great work!
(user deleted)
Sep 03, 2009

First, "they're" is a contraction for "they are". "Their" is the possessive of "them". Second, I still don't see how "f" was eliminated. Can you please explain further? Thanks.
Mar 17, 2010

Oh almighty solarsistem, you have cunfuzzled me throughout.o_0
Apr 08, 2010

The answer cannot be lid. Let's assume #3 has 'i' as you suggest. Now, what if #1 had 'G'? He'd know that the answer was 'big'. What if #2 had 'B'? He'd know the answer was either 'big' or 'bet' because those are the only two words with 'B' in it. #2 could narrow it down further to 'big' because only 'big' has a unique letter 'G' that clued #1 in to the word. Follow so far? Ok, now #3 has 'i' and thinks the answer is 'lid' and thinks #1 has 'L' and #2 has 'D' because as you pointed out, that also works and allows #1 and #2 to correctly say yes. But he's wrong. See? Two possible answers if we assume #3 has 'i' so #3 would have to say no. Since he didn't say no, 'i' is not correct for #3.
Jun 18, 2010

braingle100, what!?!?!

Jun 30, 2011

the teaser was not clear enough
Feb 01, 2014

Is that a typo? "could not be shared with any of the other four"

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