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Making Eleven

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#4580
Fun:*** (2.63)
Difficulty:*** (2.22)
Submitted By:mad-adeAhu***




How would you combine one-third of 12 and four-fifths of 7 to get 11?

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Jun 19, 2002

ha ha ha ha ha ha lol
Jun 19, 2002

not really logic...
Jun 21, 2002

That was great! And yes even a logical vulcan wouldn't get that, but it was funny!
Jun 25, 2002

A bit unfair wasn't it? You gave us the numbers(12,7) instead of the words(seven, twelve) to make it harder but you would have lost me anyway.
Jul 09, 2002

great teaser!
Jul 10, 2002

good one you had me reaching for the calculator! didn't do me any good though
(user deleted)
Jul 10, 2002

I agree with cleverclogs, you should have put the words not the numbers but very good never the less
Jul 10, 2002

How do you figure one third of 12 is EL? Wouldn't it be wouldn't it be TWE?
?!?!?!?!? Talk about confusing.
Jul 10, 2002

That was very cute...but it was a bit unlogical...however super clever!!
(user deleted)
Jul 11, 2002

kkatz4, errr how do you figure that TWE would be a third of twelve? 3 letters of 6 is a half! or did math change since I was at school? Great teaser I thought!
Jul 12, 2002

I figured it out! Took me about 2 minutes.
(user deleted)
Jul 14, 2002

Brilliant. I'm definitely adding this to my favourites.
Jul 30, 2002

I've cn this somewhere else, but I didn't remember that I had til I read the answer. Still a great joke!
Aug 05, 2002

The only "logical" answer would be to add one fifth of seven to the sum of one third of twelve and four fifths of seven... perhaps this problem is in the wrong category?
Aug 16, 2002

really obveous now that ive seen da answer :~)+
Aug 20, 2002

having spent ages with a calculator, trying roman numerals and even fractions I now feel very daft. brilliant!
Mar 12, 2003

Brilliant. But you should have given the words (twelve and seven) instead of the numbers.
Feb 11, 2005

good one, giving the words instead of the numbers would have made it too easy!
Dec 05, 2005

WOW! You had me doing all kinds of math problems
Feb 12, 2006

I have to say I got this straight away. Perhaps the word "combine" should be taken into account!
Feb 22, 2009

As great as ever!
May 21, 2009

This would be a trick, not Logic.
But good anyway!
Mar 03, 2011

Tried Roman Numerals:
1/3 of XII was I
, 4/5 of VII was....yeah, got stuck there.

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