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Trick brain teasers appear difficult at first, but they have a trick that makes them really easy.


Puzzle ID:#485
Fun:*** (2.28)
Difficulty:* (0.85)
Submitted By:Spikejw1***
Corrected By:t4mt




A railroad crossing, look for the cars;
Can you spell all that without any R`s?


Yes. "all that" has no R`s

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Jun 22, 2002

funny very funny
Dec 15, 2002

ive heard that one a bunch of times
Mar 15, 2003

too common
Aug 07, 2003

Unfortunately, I agree, I heard that one back in third grade or something like that. Keep trying though, I think that there is a great teaser maker inside all of us! LOL ;)
May 06, 2004

i heard similar... she sells sea shells on the sea shore, how many S's in that? none... lol not s's in "that"
Sep 05, 2004

ive heard that 1 a million times
May 24, 2005

The first phrase doesn't have any R's either, just r's.
Oct 17, 2005

I've heard many different versions of this teaser but good try
Jan 29, 2006

hehehehe, really cute
Mar 30, 2006

Haha....very funny
Mar 18, 2007

I heard one like this, but where all of the words containing R's could be replaced by words without R's. It was pretty clever, but it was also pretty vulgar, so I can't say it here.

So when I first saw this one, I started thinking of things like "A locomotive stop, find the autos!" but nothing had a good ring to it.
Apr 28, 2007

These are so boring and old. I remember back when I was 5 everyone would say, "What's you name?" then you would answer and they would tell you to spell it and then you'd be like, "No, 'it' is spelled i-t!" and they'd crack up... really not that funny or original.
Mar 15, 2008

i agree with most of the others...

this is pretty common. it's in the ranks of "How do you spell cat backwards?"

sry, but not very interesting to me
Jun 07, 2008

Good job!

Gee, be positive people!

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