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Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#48841
Fun:*** (2.5)
Difficulty:* (1)
Submitted By:Faith511*lk*****!




Jenny, Carl, Benny, Mady, and Freddie are going to the candy store to buy a chocolate bar, a white chocolate bar, a lollipop, cotton candy, and a pack of gum. What is each kids favorite candy? Use these hints to find out.

1.Both of the girls have chocolate treats.

2.Mady, Carl, and the boy with cotton candy, are all in the same grade.

3.Jenny, the girl with the white chocolate, the boy with gum, and Freddie, all play soccer.

4.Carl has braces, so no gum for him.

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Jun 28, 2011

Very easy and moderately fun. It's kinda a really toned down version of a logic-grid. Still fun though.
Jun 29, 2011

I thought this was great!
Jun 29, 2011

i didnt rilly get tht teaser!!! if sum1 cood help i wood appreciate tht much!!! just post ur comment under mine and say "i can help u" so i no u arnt just responding about the joke!!! Thx!
Jul 01, 2011

Usually with these teasers, a grid is included. You use each clue to either verify or eliminate possible answers.
Jul 04, 2011

this is wrong because it say freddy really has the gum not the cotton candy. it says freddie and the boy with the cotton candy. see.... clue 3
Jul 04, 2011

i ment that back wards it says freddie and the boy with the gum so really7 freddy has cotton candy. oops but its still wrong. mood: super embarassed\
Jul 12, 2011

Fun and easy - I made a quick grid on paper to solve it. Thanks!
Nov 17, 2011

This was easy but fun to solve. I needed this confidence boost today. Thanks!
Aug 03, 2014

Being this had a difficulty star of 1, I tried to get it without writing it down. Got it. Thought it was great!

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