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The Man


Puzzle ID:#4957
Fun:*** (2.89)
Difficulty:*** (2.26)
Submitted By:Dustomatic***
Corrected By:ThinksForFun




A man killed his mother, was born before his father, and married his sister.
How did the man do all three things legally?


Think of what those sentences could mean.

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Jun 28, 2002

Jun 30, 2002

Thats a good one. I could only figure out the last one. (How he married his sister.)
Jul 06, 2002

I was this teaser in a book before. This is word for word it. Just don;t try to say it is your own.
Jul 13, 2002

Me Brain Hurt lack of correct thesaurus....

By the way...
What's another word for thesausus?
Jul 21, 2002

I dunno, but what's another word for synonym?
(user deleted)
Jul 21, 2002

Managed to get the first two parts but missed the easier one. Good one though.
Why is abbreviaton such a long word and who decided the order of the alphabet?
Jul 27, 2002

This teaser was pretty good. But about a previous comment, soccer is an awesome sport. It requires great physical ability, and is fun to watch and play. And no, I'm not from England.
Jul 27, 2002

mogmatt, i dont think there is any other way to put it in words!!!
Jul 27, 2002

i just thought he was from kentucky
Jul 28, 2002

I am from england, and i think football(or soccer as u might call it) is an excellent sport. liked the teaser too!
Jul 28, 2002

OK im soo confused. I liked but didn't get the teaser, and liked but didn't get the comments...perhaps its cos im english...
Jul 29, 2002

I am not from England but I enjoy soccer. Actually it's the most popular world sport. Not that I play it much. I'm mostly into tennis and basketball. As for the teaser, I got the first two parts. The last part I thought was sister-in-law.
Jul 29, 2002

I'm starting 2 think that this is a chatroom and not comments on teasers...good one though!
Jul 29, 2002

Talk about family matters
Jul 31, 2002

I tried to guess who was this "his".
It then occurred to me that it could
be any man. I could have killed his mother, be born before his father and
married his sister.
Jul 31, 2002

rickey retracts his statement.
It would be illegal to kill "his" mother.
Aug 05, 2002

oh BTW real origional name for the teaser.
Aug 14, 2002

Aug 20, 2002

Moggmat: Where did he/she ever say it was his/her own??? Honestly, you need to get the hell outta here if you don't think people can't find good teasers and share them with the "Braingle community".
Aug 22, 2002

E-A-S-Y. All you have to do is read between the lines.
Sep 13, 2002

Great one, although I could only solve the first part. Thought maybe he was born at an earlier time of day than his father, but nope.
Oct 19, 2002

Great teaser I could only figure out how he killed his mother!
Nov 07, 2002

same here
Nov 22, 2002

it's really good the only reason other people are saying it's bad is because their brains can't think of something so smart bye!!
Jan 22, 2003

Great teaser. Although the answer could have been:
"He killed his mother but was never found out, He was born before his Stepfather was and he married his Half-Sister." But, yours was better.
May 04, 2003

Jul 27, 2003

If he were a doctor and ordained, he could have euthanized his mother when she was failing, performed a wedding ceremony for his sister, and perhaps he was older than the pastor / father of his church.

Just another thought.
Jul 27, 2003

Good teaser!! Never would have thought of the priest thing though.
Jul 27, 2003

Enjoyed it!
Just thought the second one was a father, as in a priest...the father that married him to his wife (not his sister) was born after him.
Good stuff!
Jul 28, 2003

Good one!
Jul 27, 2004

i only got the last one, because i really don't want to think about the first one, and i just couldn't think of the second one. good teaser, i guess!
Jul 27, 2004

wow, didnt get that one at all... but nice!
and yes, it seems to be turning into a chatroom...but a rather stupid one.
Dec 20, 2004

sister in law i thought. Is that legal?
Jun 14, 2006

Geez, that's a little morbid
not great, not but bad.
Dec 28, 2006

I got the first bit - killing his mother but missed the rest
Mar 09, 2009

I thought maybe his mother was one of those crappy mothers you see on TV, and he killed her out of self-defense because she was threatening his life.
Mar 09, 2009

Another oldie. Geez, don't you have anything new. But I guess it was enjoyable if you never saw it before.
Mar 09, 2009

Mar 09, 2009

Mar 09, 2009

isn't it "borne" before his father?
Mar 09, 2009

You, blather on about inanities, usually erroneously, and blithefully accept that a women, who dies in chidbirth is "killed" by the baby!?
Mar 09, 2009

If he was a Priest, then that makes him is sister's "Father" also.
Mar 09, 2009

triskelex--Good point! It bothered me too. I would hate to be a person who knows that my mother died when I was born and for it to be considered that I killed her. I thought that this teaser was a bit morbid.
Mar 09, 2009

Too many possible answers for there to be "one" correct one. And I think the inclusion of a word swatich (before uncommononly used to mean in front of) amidst a teaser about familial relationships is a little... odd. Maybe even cheap.
Mar 09, 2009

Mar 09, 2009

I got the first one, but i thought he was born on a date before his father's birthday. Good one.
Mar 09, 2009

I really had to think on this one!!!
Mar 09, 2009

Mar 09, 2009

dustomatic you just help me earn $50 buck off my husband ...he was at for hours
Mar 10, 2009

I only got the sister part, I thought fleetingly of childbirth for the first answer, but discounted it because the baby didn't "kill" the mom. Never got the second part, but that was pretty good.
Mar 10, 2009

damn almost got it right
Mar 12, 2009

I got that he was a priest and his father was in front of him when born, but assumed he was just a mean bast**d and murdered his mom later in life
Mar 09, 2012

I also got the first two, but missed the sister part. I have heard similiar ones.
Mar 09, 2012

I liked this one! Very creative!
Mar 09, 2012

First, when a woman dies in childbirth, she is NOT murdered by the child. Second, I'll give you that the father was with the mother at the time of delivery, and thus he was born before his father. 3rd, Roman Catholic priests do not marry anyone, other priests do. But, when a priest, minister, judge, etc. officiates at a wedding, they do not marry the people, the people marry each other. The statement: "I pronounce you husband and wife." doesn't make them husband and wife, it's the vows that they say before hand that make them husband and wife. The officiant could just as easily say: "That's it." and the couple would be just as legally married.
Mar 09, 2012

xclnt puzzle. got in 60 sec. BUT was ready to quit after reading..clever use of the different ways we use some words. (and use incorrectly many times )
Mar 09, 2015

I came up with how he killed his mother and married his sister but missed the part about being born before his father.
I enjoyed this teaser despite the flaws that some have pointed out.
Perhaps those of you who took issue with it could submit a teaser or your own that is not so problematic. IT is harder than you think.
Mar 09, 2015

I really liked this teaser - I worked out how he killed his mother and that he must have been a vicar/priest to marry his sister but I didn't get the bit about being born before (or in front of) his father - I was thinking about genetics and IVF and wondering if it could be possible to be born before your parents if scientist were involved! lol! Good Teaser!
Mar 09, 2015

I got the priest marrying his sister, again.
Missed the other 2 parts, again.
Mar 09, 2015

One other, very simple, answer, I think, is that he did it all as an actor in a play. The first and last behaviors are simple, and he could possibly be born before the actor playing his father was born.

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