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Trick brain teasers appear difficult at first, but they have a trick that makes them really easy.


Puzzle ID:#6032
Fun:*** (2.97)
Difficulty:** (1.53)
Submitted By:bmotts****
Corrected By:annvie9




The Pope, Celine Dion, George Bush, and Bill Gates are on the same plane. There are only 3 parachutes left for the 4 of them. Bush says: "As the President, I think I should have the right to have a parachute, because I rule millions of people in the greatest nation of all." Celine Dion says: "As one of the greatest singers of all-time, I think I should deserve to be safe. I bring tears and laughter to millions of people, and I'm an important contributor to pop music." Bill Gates says: "As one of the richest successful company owners, I think I should live because I'm on top of the economics cycle, creating jobs and incomes for millions of people. I am a wealthy and intelligent man." Finally, the Pope says: "I'm an old, religious man. I lived a life that's full, I helped millions of people find their way through God, I'm ready to let go of a parachute and to face my fate."

Which one of them will abandon the parachute and die?

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Aug 03, 2002

i answered it!!! it's an okay teaser!!!
(user deleted)
Aug 07, 2002

its o-k....
Aug 09, 2002

That was great. I never thought of that!
Aug 18, 2002

If there is a bad "The Pope, Celine Dion, George Bush and Bill Gates " teaser then I haven't heard it
Aug 23, 2002

I was going to say all of them because the plane was not going to crash, but they will all eventually die.
Oct 01, 2002

wait u said "who will ABANDON the parachute"... ??????????
Oct 05, 2002

orignal, Thumbs are pointing to the airplane
Apr 15, 2003

If the plane wasn't crashing, why were they all talking about who was going to live and who was going to their fate and stuff? Anyway, anything to do with Bill Gates always crashes right?
Aug 01, 2003

Once again I'm siding with jimbo are they just so bored that thats what they talk about. but i have to admit it is original.
Aug 29, 2003

i was thinking bill gates because of something which i don't know of but then i read it again and realised it didn't mention anything about the plane crashing. so i guessed the pope for he probably dies the soonest anyway.
Sep 01, 2003

May 31, 2005

celine dion doesn't need the parachute - she's already full of hot air (and thus will just float away)
good teaser though, you got me
(user deleted)
May 31, 2005

Yeah i'm not so sure about this teaser, even though i got the answer. You did plainly say that one of them will die when they abondon their parachute. But i guess it's in tricks so it's ok.
Jun 03, 2005

The Pope will die. Last I checked Popes can't fly planes.
Jul 27, 2005

the pope he is so old he would have a heart attack anyway
Nov 21, 2005

Apr 22, 2006

Funny teaser! I thought it would be bush cuz he accidently grabbed a suitcase instead of a parachute or something like that.
May 12, 2006

It asked "Which one of them will abandon the parachute AND die?" All of them will eventually die, but the pope is the only one abandoning the parachute. So it's the pope, unless you want to get really pickey about it (Bush is the only one that mentions the parachute. The others say they deserve to live and to be safe. If the plane is not crashing, they're much safer staying on the plane, also abandoning the parachutes. So it's evevyone but Bush, unless you want to get really really picky about it (Bush just says he should have the right to a parachute, but does not mention anything about actually using it)) This was a pretty bad one!
Aug 12, 2006

fell for that one.
Sep 01, 2006

yeah yeah SirCumbus Table, you just say that because you got it wrong.
Jun 07, 2007

Then why are they talking about this in the first place? Who proposed this hypothetical situation? And they will all die, eventually.
Mar 15, 2008

well, i just think bush would forget about the danger...

thus leaving the pope the parachute, and (if there were an emergency) the Prez would die a fiery, painful death.

i wish that would happen, anyway
Aug 09, 2008

That was really funny! After thinking about it a while I got it
Jul 10, 2013

i got it

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