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Driving A Car

Trick brain teasers appear difficult at first, but they have a trick that makes them really easy.


Puzzle ID:#6452
Fun:*** (2.62)
Difficulty:** (2.06)
Submitted By:NuttyPrince****




You are driving a car. On your right is a steep cliff. Right in front of you there is a horse and right behind an elephant, both of which travel at your own speed. On your left there is a fire truck blocking you. How do you stop your car?


Ask the merry-go-round operator to stop.

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Aug 15, 2002

The set-up for the it was good, but the answer should have been the break. You stop the car with the break.
Aug 15, 2002

If there's one merry-go-round teaser, I haven't heard it!
Aug 18, 2002

I like it--but I can't understand how you get a steep cliff on a merry go round?
Aug 19, 2002

The steep clif is not on the merry-go-round, it is at the side of it, ie the merry-go round is probaly on a beach or such like. It just makes you think you are on a road by adding it into the puzzle.
Sep 01, 2002

Hey bmotts, y do u always say "If theres 1 ---- teaser ihaven't heard it" ? Good teaser though!
Sep 08, 2002

where did the cliff come from? and i'm sorry, but most merry-go-rounds have horses and do not incluse elephants and fire trucks
Sep 12, 2002

If this were a two lane road, it would happen that the firetruck were going in the opposite direction. It is not very likely even if it is a road with one way traffic, that both the car and the firetruck would be traveling at the same pace. The car would eventually be able to pull over to the firetruck's lane, either in front of him or behind him, and then pull over to stop. NICE twist at the end though.
(user deleted)
Sep 12, 2002

I also said use the BRAKE because whatever is behind would have to slow down to match. The setup should have said You are behind the wheel of a car because if you're on a carousel, you're not really driving.
Sep 12, 2002

c13urly is right. Brakes should be the answer. What's with the elephant and the horse anyway? And the fire truck? But the cliff could be the edge of the merry-go-round. No, that would be all around you. Madness, next time write one that makes sense! Is c13urly, 13 years old? I'm 12. w/e.
Sep 14, 2002

if it was a merry go round the fire truck wouldn't block you because you cant turn any way and if there was a cliff it couldnt rap all the way around the merry go round or it wouldnt be a cliff and thats my name
Sep 16, 2002

or it can be a horse cart with an elephant on the back
Sep 19, 2002

I would be terribly embarrassed to repeat this answer to anyone. It's just plain stupid to come up with that kind of answer to that question which also was somewhat stupid!
Oct 14, 2002

u said driving a car i never been on a marri-go-round that has a car :OP
Jan 17, 2003

wouldn't there be a big post to the left of you (i.e. center of merry go round?)
Jan 18, 2003

usually (well all the merry-go-rounds ive seen ) they go clockwise.
the centre of the merry-go-round wud b on ur right ie. the steep (vertically perpendicular) cliff.
(user deleted)
Feb 08, 2003

I thought they went counter clockwise
Apr 23, 2003

I haven't read the answer yet. I do hope it is not "with the brake"!
Apr 23, 2003

Well that's a relief. Hey bmotts, how come you commented if you haven't heard it? Did you leave out a word like "good" or "bad"?
May 13, 2003

ok that realy didnt make sence. u dont drive a car on a merry go round and wuts with the steep clif and firetruck? sory but its knida strange
May 26, 2003

shoot the animals, drag race the fire engine then fly off the cliff, harry potter style..problem solved!
Sep 15, 2003

does anyone watch eastenders here
Jul 28, 2005

Apr 09, 2007

well, i guess you beat me to submitting this teaser.
May 13, 2007

Actually, all merry-go-rounds I've seen go counter-clockwise.
And hey, "use your brake" is a perfectly valid answer, and it makes more sense.
Jan 14, 2008

you made me feel really stupid...

i said "use your brake"

that's how you stop a car, anyway, and since it's a trick teaser, that would work....

who said the merry-go-round operator would stop it for you? what if he couldn't hear you over the highly annoying music?
Feb 12, 2008


And how do we get good or bad karma?
Mar 21, 2008

I said "use your brake" because it sounded like the horse was behind the elephant - in front of you there is a horse and right behind an elephant - so I thought you could slow down and nothing would be behind you.
Mar 31, 2008

You CAN use the brake, you'd just get trampled by an elephant
Apr 16, 2010

I got 'the breaks"....
Dec 09, 2010

I too said 'use your brakes'. But people, it is part of the creator's imagination if a merry-go-round has a fire truck, a horse, an elephant, and a car. Just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Don't be so cynical. Admit you got it wrong and be done with it.
Dec 09, 2010

Also, a cliff could be defined as a sudden drop off. Since the merry-go-round doesn't extend forever and back on itself, then it has to end. If the end of said merry-go-round is greater than a 20 degree drop off, then I would call that steep. Doesn't have to be a 20 foot cliff with sheer sides for it to be a steep cliff.

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