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The Amazing Phone Book Incident

Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#7725
Fun:*** (2.66)
Difficulty:*** (2.37)
Submitted By:something*us****
Corrected By:Dave




Billy decided to step up his income by becoming a magician. On his first performance, his first 29 tricks went over like a flapjack. For his grand finale, small, weak, Billy would tear in half a New York City Phone Book with his bare hands. When he approached the podium holding the phone book, he focused his mind on the 500 people in front of him and the $10 apiece that they had paid. He picked up the phone book and tore it in half almost effortlessly. How?

Note: he did not just tear it down the middle of the spine.

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Oct 05, 2002

Cute, and I know this is supposed to work,
though I've never tried it. But I hope this
doesn't become a precedent for "let's make this
magic trick into a teaser." Those tend to fall in the
category of "either you know it or you don't, with
not much chance of figuring it out if you don't."
Oct 05, 2002

It isn't a magic trick into a teaser, i think i read it in a teaser book, i don't know...
Oct 06, 2002

very clever!
Oct 14, 2002

THat's cheating. Also, it should burn his hands.
Oct 17, 2002

it wasn't still hot when he picked it up, and do you think that it's possible to make a rabbit appear in your hat without cheating?
Mar 15, 2003

Yes, Yes I do
Apr 07, 2003

Couldn't he just soak them in water??
Jun 03, 2004

He COULD shlep it all up in water, but it would be extremely obvious to the group.
Feb 09, 2005

woah! i never even heard u could do that haha i still luv that face!

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