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Necromania Commission

These brain teasers rely on your ability to recognize groups of common attributes. For each of these puzzles you'll need to figure out why the words or letters are grouped as they are. Sometimes you will be asked to pick the odd-one-out or to place a new word into the correct group.


Puzzle ID:#8597
Fun:*** (2.55)
Difficulty:*** (3.05)
Submitted By:electronjohn*us****




Why are these words grouped together?

Necromania Commission
Boycott Dollars
Subchapter Fundamentals
Seasonable Molasses
Tamale Unfulfilled
Marmalade Gallon

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Nov 27, 2002

Good one, I was stumped on this one.
Nov 27, 2002

i've never heard "fille" before. that was hard!
Nov 29, 2002

Good one, you stumped me.
Nov 29, 2002

good one. at first i couldn't understand the answer when i read it, and then I realized i was reading the hint. stupid me.
Dec 04, 2002

Excellent teaser! I think I must have always gotten "fille" confused with the slang "filly" (which is also just slightly less politically correct, lol!). Learn something new, eh?
Dec 22, 2002

Brilliant! Stumped me totally
Dec 26, 2002

Good one! It really stumped me but it really made sense when I read the answer. Two thumbs up!!!
Dec 28, 2002

speedydog, fille is the french word for girl.
Jan 18, 2003

You stumped me! Good one!
Feb 09, 2003

Overall good teaser. Hint made it less of a challenge. ("Hidded Within" made me automatically look for words inside of words. The opposites showed up easily). I did learn some new terms though!
Apr 30, 2003

niiiiiiiice!!! :-)
Sep 09, 2005

Very well done and congratulations on a great teser.
May 23, 2015

Stumped me too, though I disagree with "doll" being a feminine word.

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