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Sam or Mark?

Trivia brain teasers have some element of trivia in them, but they are not just pure trivia questions.


Puzzle ID:#9889
Fun:*** (2.67)
Difficulty:** (1.29)
Submitted By:mollynoodl****
Corrected By:Tammy93




Two friends were talking. They had both just finished reading a book. They were trying to remember the author's name. Friend A said,"I recall that the author's name was Sam."
"I'm certain that the author's name was Mark," said Friend B.

They were both correct, but how can this be?

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Jan 22, 2003

Please comment on my teaser. I need feedback to improve future teasers.
Jan 22, 2003

sure! this wuz a gr8 and (4 sum) hard teaser. u r doing pretty good job so far...
Jan 22, 2003

not that u only have 1 teaser like me, that is!
(user deleted)
Jan 24, 2003

I think your teaser uses a nice trick - that the author uses a pen name, but there was not nearly enough information to guess the correct answer. Anyone who refers to Samuel Longhorn Clemens as Sam would surely have known that his pen name was Mark Twain. But maybe that's just me? Maybe you should have named Friend A and Friend B. Perhaps the title of the teaser could have clued the answer. I dunno.. maybe.. Twixt or Twain?
Jan 26, 2003

I guessed and got it right, but had no idea that Mark Twains real name was Samuel... Then again, I havn't gotton up to him yet in school
Apr 06, 2003

Good teaser! I remembered that Mark Twain was a pen name but I could not rember his real name. I knew it had to be Samuel something from your clue. Well done!
Dec 20, 2004

His name is Mark Sam
Feb 03, 2006

very good, but i just had it on a government test, and have come across that before.
Feb 03, 2006

many know mark twain was his pen name, but not all know that the way he got his name was because he worked on a boat in the river (not sure which one) and his job was to "check" the "depth" of the boat in the water, but back then, check = mark, and depth = twain, so his job was to "mark" the "twain" and so he took it as his name.
Aug 03, 2006

"Mark...twain", was taken from Mississippi riverboat terminology; it's a measure of depth, two fathoms, which was a good for shallow draft steamboats.

A good teaser should try to give something more and it should always respect its reader. This teaser was a good start. I'll be looking for more.

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