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Coming in


Posts: 1

new Posted: 01:07AM Feb 25, 2012


I'm here to try out some puzzles and possibly post a few! I'm particularly interested in running a puzzle game/RP that I previously ran on the Brainden forums, before they collapsed. I'm not sure if there's a place for it here, but it's a combination of a riddle anthology and a game, and involves forum posters trying to work out a series of riddles and challenges to solve a mystery.

Anyway, here's to some good puzzling!
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Posts: 1930

new Posted: 01:33AM Feb 25, 2012

Welcome to Braingle WitchOfDoubt. New games are welcomed... just be sure to read the forum rules and have fun!

"That's one of the remarkable things about life. It's never so bad that it can't get worse." Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes
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Posts: 27

new Posted: 02:01PM Feb 27, 2012

hello witchofdoubt rottage says hi.

Yoshi said"Give me apples."I said no.Yoshi ate me.
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Posts: 3059

new Posted: 08:26PM Feb 27, 2012


You should go for making that game. Or you can even try making a TalkBox for it if it's that type of game. Sounds cool

WW database -
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Posts: 263

new Posted: 02:20PM Jul 6, 2012

i agree with harry

I'm WYSE, in name and in life application.
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Alone bad... Braingle GOOD!
Posts: 397

new Posted: 08:16PM Jul 16, 2012

Hey there im the odd girl here on braingle and my names charlotte ive put up a few topics in the forums, mainly in the entertainment part and a couple in the general discussion part, so feel free to join in on the conversation we'd all like to get to know you better here also ill be putting up some quizzes hopefully so keep an eye out for them and ill keep an eye out for you around braingle too

Heartbreak is where creativity is born
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