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Posts: 184

new Posted: 09:42PM Feb 7, 2016

There aren't a lot of WTB games in sign-ups, so why not join a fun one hosted by me?

WTB - Musical Edition

Fun themed rounds, no special musical knowledge required.

Personally, I think that's a hell of a bird.
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Posts: 44

new Posted: 06:49PM Feb 15, 2016

Are you a weather buff and want to talk about the weather? or just have a question that you need an answer to? then you can do so here. Just request a membership and I will approve and you can start posting once I accept it.

Forum is almost up.Link soon to come
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Posts: 3280

new Posted: 09:55PM Feb 16, 2016

Like monkeys? Enjoy being blessed with good fortune? Just want to play a game of Who's the Boss? Bring your bananas and come over and join my game! If you aren't on my friend's list, shoot me a private message asking to join. All active players are welcome.

Click This Link To Join The Fun!
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Posts: 19781

new Posted: 11:39AM Aug 9, 2016

I've started a WTB and Werewolf game if anyone's interested!!!!

Take all sorrow out of life and you take away all richness, and depth, and tenderness. The capacity of sorrow belongs to our grandeur. It is the furnace that melts hearts together in love. In loving memory of my dear friend Guy - take care Goobs . .
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