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The Bonte Room


Fun:*** (2.46)
Difficulty:*** (3)
Category:Room Escape
Submitted By:horse_luver
The Bonte RoomYou find yourself dropped in a strange room, but are you smart enough to get out?


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posted 3882 days ago



posted 3847 days ago

where is the answer?(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


posted 3844 days ago

just tell me wat to do after the drink


posted 3844 days ago

i dont even know how to get the drink


posted 3815 days ago

How do you do after you've changed the water purple.


posted 3786 days ago

how do u get the drink


posted 3782 days ago

Me no get it!!!!!


posted 3773 days ago



posted 3737 days ago

can't do it, would someone please post a walkthrough


posted 3712 days ago

I put the tube in the sink and filled it with water and put the fish in it. I selected the powerdrink because the light didn't blink, but I can't get it to come out of the machine. I have clicked all over the place and can't find anything else.


posted 3689 days ago

that is so wierd


posted 3688 days ago

The Code To The Safe Is 14641


posted 3569 days ago

yei!i got it.there is a sequence in order to get the the 5th choice,then the 2nd,then the 4th,then the last one,then the 6th one,then the 1st one,and lastly the 3rd one.that's get the drink after that.


posted 3569 days ago

after you get the drink,put it in the empty fishbowl.then put the rusty key inside.the liquid will eliminate the you can use the key to open the door.


posted 3548 days ago

yeaahh boooii, three minutes. =). if you want help, heree:

1) get the power drink - click buttons in this order:
2) get the fish net from underneath the couch.
3) open the safe & get the key - the code is: 14641
4) get the silver tube out from underneath the drink machine
5) stick the tube in the sink, fill it with water
6) use the fish net and get the fish out, put it in the sink
7) fill the empty fishtank with the power drink, insert the rusty key
take the key, and unlock the door.

hope i helpedd


posted 3503 days ago

i cant get the flipping drink out


posted 2991 days ago

help!!! THIS MAKES NO SENSE!!!!!!!


posted 2964 days ago

what buttons


posted 2949 days ago

i didn't realize that "one to one" was a code, but after that I got it! great game!

**when you push the button on the machine, you have to figure out how to keep them all lit. trial & error is how i got it


posted 2924 days ago

This was the cutest room escape so far.

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