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The Garage Escape


Fun:*** (2.17)
Difficulty:*** (2.54)
Category:Room Escape
Submitted By:horse_luver
The Garage EscapeTry to escape from the garage by using things inside.


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posted 3927 days ago

i can't figure out what to do


posted 3919 days ago

This has many glitches. It also freezed and I had to restart it once. Navigation is not easy.

Overall, I would not recommend this to others when there are many good games available.


posted 3668 days ago

i won the game


posted 3606 days ago

I got it but with the help of a walkthrough.

Here\\\'s the walkthrough I used:

(I found it through Google. I couldn't post the link.)

(this was posted by Escaper. I didn\'t write this)


1) When you wake up, turn left and flip on the lightswitch next to the door.

2) Turn back to the right and click the book in the desk. Turn to the last page in the book and get the key. Click the bottom of the screen and then click the book again. There should be a little brown wire in the desk. It may be hard to see, but its there; click on it. Then click below the desk to get a board with two holes in it.

3) Go right two screens and click the curtain/blinds to raise them. Knock over the stack of cups and click the black hole and find a key. Next, click the big water container to knock it over.

4) Use the key you found under the cups to open the door on the right.

5) Look in the cabinets in the left side of the screen and get the cord and the board. You cant get anything else here, so go back. Click the car; you should zoom in on the back of the car. Take the two boards and use the silver key on the trunk of the car. Get in the trunk and take the jack. Use the jack on the car and click it a few times. Click to the left or right of the jack and then click the card. Take note of the number on the card.

6) Click the bottom of the screen and go to the left. Pick up the board with the two holes in it. Go left again and back through the door.

7) Back in this room, go to the left twice and use the boards with the pegs on the wall. Click on the top board to get the key board. Go one screen left.

Use the key board with the left computer, then plug the gray cable into the wall. Go right one screen.

9) With the gray cable still selected, click near the left side of the puddle of water. You should place the other end of the cord there. If not, keep clicking. Select the white cord in your inventory and click near the bottom left of the water container that spilled. Then click the phone. Click the phone again, pick up the phone and dial the number that was on the card. A voice should tell you a password.

10) Go left one screen to the computer. Click the button that would be the power button on the right computer. Enter the password the voice gave you then click continue. A new screen will come up saying \\\"Open garage door\\\" and then the word \\\"Closed\\\" under it. Click \\\"Continue\\\" and then \\\"Exit\\\".

11) Go left one screen and through the door. Turn left and click the now open garage.

I thought this game was hard to navigate as V_Bapat said. Take your time...If you try to hurry your computer will freeze. Oh, and you have to un-select an object to select another one.


posted 3606 days ago

that guy is supposed to be #8


posted 3237 days ago



posted 3129 days ago

I thought it was pretty easy, I timed my score at 34 minutes. Which isn't terrible. The only part that had me confused was getting the cord hooked to the phone, but after an hour clicking I got it.


posted 2471 days ago

I disliked this ohne

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