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Gateway II


Fun:*** (3.06)
Difficulty:*** (2.84)
Category:Room Escape
Submitted By:cdrock
A point-and-click adventure in which you solve the different rooms, and complete the story.


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posted 3735 days ago


posted 3700 days ago

This is a pretty good one, but it's sometimes hard to navigate.


posted 3698 days ago

First Video Tape
Go left; press the button to open the door and get in the bathroom.
Get the hand mirror.
Examine the sink, open the warm water tap
Note the code on the mirror (7997)
Close the water tap
Enter the code with the keypad and get the first video tape
Go outside and follow the robot. Go back, stay under the light and use the mirror to blind the blinking eye above the door.
Get out, Insert the video tape, push transfer button twice, and watch sequences #1 and #2 (press play).
Press eject button to discard the empty tape.
Second Video Tape
Go right;floor sequence(numbers are tiles in order) 1,2,1,3,1,4,1,5,1,6,1,6
Get the lighter and the newspaper on the coffee table.
Open the top drawer of the dresser and get a screwdriver.
Note the three numbers on the painting (786)
Put the newspaper under the door and use the screwdriver in the lock: the key falls out on the other side. Get the newspaper back and get the key
Use the key to open the door.
Go to the far right side of the game window and get the tape.
Go back; solve the bridge puzzle again (first one backwards)to open the left door.
Get out, insert the second video tape, push transfer button twice, and watch sequences #3 and #4 (press play). Press eject button to discard the empty tape.
Third Video Tape
Enter the door right to the TV.
Turn the lamp on and off three times and wait for the return.
Use the pen to scribble on the note pad: a phone number will appear. Put down the pen.
Pick up the receiver. Dial the phone number. The right door is now open. Go right.
Use your lighter to set off the sprinkler and open the door.
Get the third video tape on the countertop. When the eyes appear, open the fridge door and hide behind the fridge.
Wait until the eyes leave and the door opens. Get out. Stay below the light and use your mirror to make a prism in the water.
This is the code for the alarm (Blue, Purple, Yellow, Green, Red, and Orange)
Set the alarm with the proper colors sequence to open the door.
Go back to the first room, insert the third video tape, push transfer button twice, and watch sequences #5 and #6 (press play). Press eject button to discard the empty tape.
Fourth Video Tape
Enter the door left to the TV.
Look through the window.
Force the student to create the following sums: ??+??=24, ??+??=79, ??+??=163
Go left.
Use the telescope to see the robot.
Turn the lamp on and off three times.
Use the telescope again.
Answer the phone and dial 11223311 (look at the note-like on the note pad). Go left.
Turn on the TV. Enter the code from the painting (786).
Get the fourth video tape in the wall. Go back to the first room.
Talk to the robot. It will collapse. Go to the TV.
Insert the fourth video tape, push transfer button, and watch sequences #7, #8 and #9 (press play). Press eject button to discard the empty tape.
Get the wire on the ground.
Back to the robot (it's a she): examine her and plug the wire in the hole.
Enter the tapes numbers in the proper sequence (264379851).
The robot stands up. Follow her and... the game is over!


posted 3541 days ago

This game always locks up on me when I click on the sink. It loads to 83% and stops.


posted 3541 days ago

Now when I either look at mirror or use sink it goes to 83% and locks up. What crap.


posted 3392 days ago

I liked this one! Fun and pretty easy.


posted 3331 days ago

i dont get the floor sequence...its confusing


posted 3330 days ago

interesting game, kind of sad though!


posted 3254 days ago

Thats sad!


posted 3220 days ago

The first one was better...


posted 3218 days ago

This was good


posted 3216 days ago

i sad now
good puzzle but we need a third game were you chase and catch up with her and live happly ever after


posted 3198 days ago

That was an interesting theme for this game. It was fun!


posted 3132 days ago

awsom game


posted 3109 days ago

i dont likeit ilove it


posted 3062 days ago

hated it
i mean the actual game was alright, but all the stuff with her mom... hated it.


posted 2979 days ago

the eyes in the kitchen scared the begeezus outta me! but i love this game!! loved the plot, loved it all! two thumbs wayy up


posted 2908 days ago

i hate it! the poor girl, the poor mom, and it doesn't even go with gateway 1! HATE IT!!!

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