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Found Lost


Fun:*** (2.4)
Difficulty:*** (2.64)
Category:Room Escape
Submitted By:iluvarashi
A room escape game with a horror theme. Don't get scared.


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posted 3565 days ago

i dont get it


posted 3564 days ago

wats the point of this game?


posted 3564 days ago

seriously. it doesnt make sense


posted 3564 days ago

U like reach a dead end after a while.Nothing happens!


posted 3564 days ago

*very confused*


posted 3563 days ago



posted 3563 days ago

is there some kind of walk through or something?


posted 3559 days ago

OK, pretty boring . A little creepy but really not that challenging . The story behind it (once you get out) helps make some of it make sense. There are various notes that provide clues to using the clock. (+ = &)


posted 3545 days ago

i dont get it at all


posted 3537 days ago

well, that was a waste...............


posted 3535 days ago

Dumb. Not just a waste of my time, but imagine the waste of time for the person who designed it.


posted 3495 days ago

I'll post a walkthrough to show how pointless the game is:

1. Enter the house and go to the room at the end of the hall.
2. Click on the 11 on the clock.
3. Go into the room that opens up.
4. Click on the smallest box and click yes to put the tape in.

No, really, that's it!

As CrazyCooter said, the story helps it make sense, but it doesn't make it good.


posted 3473 days ago

serious? that game was garbage.


posted 3471 days ago


posted 3315 days ago

that was a lot of crap wut was da point?


posted 3245 days ago

that was compleatly stupid and it was boring even tho it was a little creepy but i wouldnt tell a friend to play this game its just a waste of time


posted 3098 days ago

okay, so it was creepy... but it was a horrible game. yes, the story helps it make sense, but i didn't even have my sound on and honestly didn't care what it sounded like. wow, whoever created that game must have spent months working on something with only four steps to it- like sparkboy said, a HUGE waste of time for them...


posted 3022 days ago

yeah. umm that game was pointless. waste of my time =.=


posted 2942 days ago

That was a total waste of time..I couldnt even tell what the lady or guy said at the end..


posted 2921 days ago

the best thing was the picture in the last room.

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