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Who's the Boss Game #2952 : Making Romeo and Juliet Cool

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This game is moderated by aceofspades29. Please read the rules and contact the moderator with any questions or concerns about this game.

Voting / Memo Discussion
This game finished in 6 rounds.

Memo #1 from the Boss

Hello, my dearest employees of the Braingle Publishing Co. Our new stories of Romero and Juliet are set to be quite remarkable. I have noticed a problem, though. Many of you employees are slacking off! I will not be the head of a publishing company whose employees refuse to publish! I have taken note of no less than seven paid employees of the Braingle Publishing Co. contributing nothing towards our new love story! I will not accept such slacking in the workplace. This is my first and final warning: If you refuse to contribute to the story, you will be out of a job! I have also learned of a conspiracy to take over my position here at the company. Even worse, I have heard disturbing rumors that some members of this company may be plotting against me! I have trouble believing that any of you, my nine most trusted advisors, would plot to undermine my authority. But if you are plotting against me, I will have no trouble finding you and firing you! I have many loyal to me within this company, and I know all that goes on inside of these office walls. Sincerely, The Boss

Psych Question: What is your favorite scene from Romeo and Juliet and why?
I have none -- the entire play is horrendous! Why do you think we are re-wiriting it?



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